Simulator contracts for GSE

16 July 2010

GSE Systems of the USA announced that it had received contracts totalling over $8 million for new nuclear simulators and upgrades to existing ones.


Among the contracts are those to provide various simulator upgrades for customers in the USA, South Korea and Europe. In addition, GSE has received a contract from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Co (CGNPC) to develop a simulator models that will allow validation and verification of the instrumentation and controls design of the CPR-1000 reactor model, as well as for use in control room human factors studies.


GSE was also awarded a subcontract to provide engineering services and simulation technology for the waste treatment cleanup facilities under construction at the US Department of Energy's Hanford site in Richland, Washington. The initial subcontract is to provide GSE's simulation tools and evaluate the current simulation capabilities and future tasks towards building simulators for numerous separate facilities at the Hanford site.


GSE CEO John Moran commented: "It is nice to see a continuous stream of contracts associated with our installed base of simulators. We anticipate a continuation of this type of work coming from our US and overseas customers." He added, "The project at Hanford is the first step in a potentially long term opportunity. We have been doing similar work at the Savannah River Site for over a decade and hope to match that success at Hanford."


Earlier this month, GSE announced that it had formed a joint venture simulator company with Beijing-based Unis with a focus on the burgeoning market for domestic Chinese reactors. The primary target of GSE-Unis is the Chinese designed CNP-600 and CPR-1000 series of nuclear power plants, 32 of which are either firmly planned or under construction, and the conventional power plant market where Unis is supplying contracts for some 40 power plants.


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