Uranium from Honeymoon

09 November 2011

Third quarter figures from Uranium One include output from the Honeymoon in-situ leach operation in Australia for the first time.


Honeymoon process plant (2) (Uranium One)
Honeymoon at night (Image: Uranium One)


The quoted operational results for the quarter ended 30 September indicate production of 20.2 tonnes U3O8 (17.2 tU) from the mine, where commissioning commenced in September 2011. Uranium One owns 51% of the mine (with Mitsui owning the other 49%), and its attributable share of production is 22,700 pounds U3O8 (8.7 tU). Commissioning will be completed when a pre-defined operating level, based on the design of the plant, is maintained.
Honeymoon, which will have a capacity of up to 400 tonnes U3O8 (340 tU) per year, is expected to produce 275 tonnes U3O8 (233 tU) in 2012, at a cost of $47 per pound U3O8 - around three times the average cost of Uranium One's production from Kazakhstan.


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