AP1000s mooted for Utah site

21 August 2014

Westinghouse and Blue Castle Holdings have signed a memorandum of understanding to pursue the development of a two-unit AP1000 plant at Green River in Utah.

The agreement will see the two companies work together to develop a scope of activities including marketing, licensing, permitting, and design through engineering, procurement and construction through to operation and maintenance to enable the scheme, known as the Blue Castle Project.

Blue Castle Holdings has been involved in efforts to construct a nuclear power plant in Utah taking what CEO Aaron Tilton describes as a "stepwise approach" to the project. He described the pursuit of AP1000 technology and the signature of the MoU as the next phase of development plans. The company has been preparing to submit an application for an Early Site Permit for the proposed plant, which the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission currently anticipates receiving in 2015.

Eight AP1000 units are currently under construction, four in China and four in the USA.

Researched and written
by World Nuclear News