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Addressing uncertainties in decommissioning cost estimates

03 October 2017

Historical experience of estimating decommissioning costs has not been particularly satisfactory. In response to this, the process of decommissioning cost estimation is evolving, writes Simon Carroll.

Recollection of the past: South Korea's story

22 August 2017

Korea in the 1960s 48In 1960, there was a small boy taking a stainless steel cup in his school backpack each morning to have UN-AID Food Rations at lunchtime. Now that boy is standing in the lecture room as a mentor at the WNU Summer Institute, to share his experience and knowledge about nuclear energy. Jaekyu Lee reflects on Korea's progress and its current debate on the future of nuclear power.

Electricity market review is pregnant with options

27 June 2017

It is hard to see from a review of Australia's National Electricity Market how Australia can manage to balance cost, reliability and emissions without creating a role for nuclear energy, as in virtually all of its key economic competitor countries, writes Ian Hore-Lacy.

Valuing nuclear power in the USA

21 September 2017

Pacilio - Symposium 2017 - 48The World Nuclear Association's newly published Fuel Report indicates that, by 2035, the United States might be losing 11 reactor units (reference scenario), losing 30 (lower scenario), or losing two and gaining five (upper scenario). Michael Pacilio, COO of Exelon Generation, says the country "can't possibly meet its carbon reduction goals without nuclear power". The following is an abridged version of Pacilio's Hot Seat Interview at the Association's annual symposium in London last week.

Environmentalists appeal to Macron for nuclear

04 July 2017

An open letter to French president Emmanuel Macron warned him that closing nuclear power plants would be a step backward for France. If the country wants to build renewables, let the new capacity support faster electrification of transport, said Energy for Humanity.

Preserving and developing Germany's nuclear expertise

26 May 2017

Despite Germany choosing to phase out its use of nuclear energy, the country must not lose its nuclear expertise, research and industry, writes Ralf Güldner.