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Gloves are off in fossil fuel fight against nuclear

02 May 2017

The American Petroleum Institute (API) recently urged lawmakers in Ohio to "reject legislation that would subsidize nuclear power companies", launching an anti-nuclear campaign that marks a return to above board competition in energy markets, writes Rod Adams.

What’s in it for the EU?

04 April 2017

Article 50 has been triggered and Brexit really does mean Brexit. Now begins the arduous task of negotiating the UK's divorce from the European Union, and there is one simple test the European Commission will be applying to every one of the UK government's demands, writes Tom Greatrex.

Changes to UK nuclear liability regime

07 March 2017

With the return of nuclear new build in the UK, the potential to be liable for nuclear damage will be of vital importance to all parties in the nuclear supply chain as well as investors and funders of new nuclear projects, writes Darren Walsh.

Finnish nuclear law needs to enable advanced reactors

20 April 2017

The draft update to Finland's current nuclear law would fix it to meet today's European requirements and the situation here in Finland. But if Finland aims to be a leader in clean energy and climate mitigation technologies, we need a more comprehensive and open-minded update, writes Rauli Partanen.

Nuclear regulation is unique: a Canadian perspective

30 March 2017

The international nuclear regulatory community is unique among the world's regulatory communities. Through adherence to international conventions and standards, participation in international organisations, peer reviews and benchmarking activities, and continuous lessons learned from best practices, the international nuclear regulatory community is committed to collaboration and transparency in the interests of safety and security, writes Jason Cameron.

Tokio Kanoh passes away aged 82

28 February 2017

Tokio Kanoh, a Japanese parliamentarian, former chairman of the World Nuclear Association (then the Uranium Institute), and a noted nuclear communicator passed away on 17 January. His engaging character and perceptive contributions to debate will be missed by colleagues in Japan and worldwide.