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Green light for next Darlington refurbishment

19 February 2018

Darlington_3_refurb_permission_(OPG)-48Ontario Power Generation can proceed with the refurbishment of Darlington unit 3 after receiving the go-ahead from the province's Ministry of Energy. Refurbishment of Darlington unit 2 has now passed the half-way mark.

Restart of Genkai 3 moves closer with fuel loading

16 February 2018

Genkai plant - 48Kyushu Electric Power Company today began loading fuel into the core of unit 3 at its Genkai nuclear power plant in Japan's Saga prefecture. The reactor, together with unit 4, is expected to be restarted later this year.

PG&E accepts Diablo Canyon decision

13 February 2018

Diablo Canyon - 48Pacific Gas and Electric Company and its joint parties have announced they have accepted the California Public Utilities Commission's ruling on the retirement of the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant. The company intends to withdraw its application to the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission to renew the plant's operating licence.

EDF sees 2018 as 'year of the rebound' for finances

16 February 2018

EDF expects its profit to bounce back this year thanks to higher power prices and increased availability of its French nuclear units following prolonged stoppages for safety inspections in 2017.

L3 MAPPS awarded further Bruce extension contract

14 February 2018

Bruce B aerial - 48Bruce Power has awarded L3 MAPPS a contract to replace the digital control computer system of unit 2 of the Bruce A nuclear power plant in Ontario. Last year it was awarded a similar contract for unit 6 of Bruce B.

Record year for Exelon plants

08 February 2018

Quad_Cities_(NRC-Exelon)-48Exelon's nuclear fleet generated the most power on record in 2017, the company's CEO Christopher Crane said yesterday. The company will start to recognise revenue from Illinois' zero emission credit (ZEC) programme during the first quarter of this year after its Quad Cities and Clinton plants were winning bidders in the state's ZEC procurement.