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Regulator approves US uranium mill transfer

31 October 2014

Shootaring_Canyon_(Anfield)_48The Utah Division of Radiation Control has conditionally approved the transfer of the radioactive materials licence for the Shootaring Canyon uranium mill from Uranium One to Anfield Resources, and has given Anfield an extra year to prepare a licence renewal application for the plant.

Licence application for Brazilian mine

21 October 2014

Mining is expected to begin at Brazil's Engenho uranium deposit next year, according to front-end fuel cycle company Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil. A licence application for the mine is currently before the national regulator.

Uranium projects seek environmental approval

06 October 2014

Uranium projects in Australia and Canada have moved a step nearer to production by submitting environmental impact statements (EIS) for regulatory approval. Energy Resources of Australia (ERA) has lodged a draft EIS for the proposed Ranger 3 Deeps underground mine, while Areva Resources Canada has submitted a final EIS for its Kiggavik project.

Paducah deactivation begins

22 October 2014

Paducah_handover_ceremony_(DoE)_48Work to deactivate the former Paducah gaseous diffusion enrichment plant can begin in earnest after Centrus Energy subsidiary United States Enrichment Corporation formally handed back full control of the Kentucky complex to the US Department of Energy (DoE).

First Cigar Lake uranium processed

09 October 2014

Cigar_Lake_ore_arrives_McClean_(Cameco)_48The first uranium ore from the Cigar Lake mine has been processed at the McClean Lake mill after the mill's facilities were modified to enable it to safely process the high-grade uranium ore. Both facilities are in northern Saskatechewan, Canada.

Dismay over Grand Canyon uranium ruling

03 October 2014

A legal ruling upholding a 20-year withdrawal of lands near the Grand Canyon from uranium mining ignores evidence on environmental risks and questions the legitimacy of the environmental impact statement process, according to the USA's National Mining Association.