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High support for nuclear among Polish citizens

12 December 2017

Around two-thirds of Poles believe the construction of a nuclear power plant in the country is a good way to combat climate change, according to a survey commissioned by the Polish Energy Ministry. A similar proportion support the construction of power reactors to increase the country's energy security.

UK to support 'next-generation' nuclear technology

07 December 2017

The UK government has announced a series of measure that aim to realise the full potential of the of the country's nuclear power industry. The document 'Government to support development of next-generation nuclear technology' follows publication of the Industrial Strategy white paper last month, a core objective of which is to "ensure the UK is developing the technologies of the future and preparing to seize the opportunities they bring and build on its strengths", the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said.

NEI files in support of New York ZEC programme

01 December 2017

The state of New York's Zero-Emissions Credit programme, which will compensate nuclear plants for continued operation, is a logical extension of similar renewable energy credit programmes, the US Nuclear Energy Institute  has told a federal appeals court. Meanwhile, Michael Shellenberger - head of the Environmental Progress environmental research and policy organisation, which campaigned to support the New York initiative - has announced his intention to run for governor of California.

UK nuclear industry unveils Sector Deal proposals

07 December 2017

The UK's Nuclear Industry Council has today published its proposals for a nuclear Sector Deal. The document follows the government's publication last month of its Industrial Strategy white paper, which states the nuclear sector is "integral to increasing productivity and driving growth" in the UK.

Nuclear has 'clear role to play' in UK Industrial Strategy

04 December 2017

Nuclear power accounted for a fifth of total electricity produced in the UK last year and it remains the largest single source of low carbon electricity in the UK, providing 46% of the low carbon electricity produced, with wind, solar, hydro and biomass providing the remainder, according to the Nuclear Industry Association's first Activity Report, issued today. With two-thirds of all dispatchable power capacity retiring between 2010 and 2030, including all but one of the country's existing nuclear stations, the NIA warns that this will need to be replaced with a new fleet to continue providing the reliable, secure low carbon power the UK will need.

South African procurement will be lawful: ministry

30 November 2017

The South African Department of Energy has reiterated it will comply with all legal requirements relating to its nuclear procurement programme. It said an urgent court application launched this week seeking to stop the minister or utility Eskom from pursuing the procurement had been based on speculative media reports.