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Mexican dry storage facility nearing completion

24 June 2016

Laguna_Verde_ISFSI_May_2016_(Holtec)-48 An independent used fuel storage installation (ISFSFI) at Mexico's Laguna Verde nuclear power plant has been built in record time, with fuel loading into the facility's storage canisters expected to begin this month.

Cold testing of interim storage facility completed at Ignalina

21 June 2016

Cold testing - one of the first stages of the commissioning process - has been completed at the new Interim Spent Fuel Storage Facility for units 1 and 2 of the shut-down Ignalina nuclear power plant in Lithuania. The work started in January and was completed on 16 June, the plant announced yesterday.

Clearance continues of Berkeley waste vaults

14 June 2016

Berkeley FED containers - 48The retrieval of mixed waste from the underground chambers at the decommissioned Berkeley nuclear power plant in the UK is progressing. Clearance of these vaults will enable the two Magnox units to enter a period of long-term passive storage.

Fennovoima considers own repository for used fuel

22 June 2016

Fennovoima is considering developing its own repository for disposing of used fuel from its planned Hanhikivi nuclear power plant in western Finland. Posiva Solutions is to advise it on site selection.

EDF modifies dismantling plans for first generation units

17 June 2016

Saint-Laurent A1 and A2 decommissioning - 48EDF has informed the French nuclear regulator that it has adopted a new strategy for decommissioning its first generation, gas-cooled reactors. Dismantling of the six reactors will take longer than previously planned as the company wants to complete the decommissioning of one unit before working on the others.

Japanese research reactor materials arrive in USA

07 June 2016

A shipment of plutonium and highly enriched uranium from Japan Atomic Energy Agency's (JAEA) Fast Critical Assembly reactor has arrived at two US Department of Energy sites. Japan and the USA announced their commitment to remove the material at 2014 and 2016 nuclear summits.