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Defueling completed at Sizewell A

29 August 2014

The final shipment of used fuel from the UK's Sizewell A nuclear power plant has been sent for reprocessing at Sellafield, marking the end of a five-year operation to remove all fuel from the site.

Hitachi collaborates on TRU-consuming reactor development

29 August 2014

Japan's Hitachi has begun further joint research with three US universities into the development of reactors that could use transuranic (TRU) elements as fuel. This could result in a significant decrease in the time needed for the decay in the radioactivity of used fuel.

Final voyage for Atlantic Osprey

22 August 2014

Atlantic_Osprey_towed_(INS)_48After years of transporting materials to facilitate nuclear recycling, UK-registered nuclear cargo vessel Atlantic Osprey has begun its final voyage to the Swansea dock where it is itself destined to be broken up and recycled.

Final solution for historic used fuel

29 August 2014

H-Canyon_(SRNS)_48All of the used nuclear fuel from a historic US experimental reactor that ceased operations half a century ago has been dissolved in an equally historic chemical processing plant, completing a major step towards final disposition of the material.

Ukrainian used fuel store under construction

27 August 2014

Ukraine CSFSF ceremony 48A ceremony has been held to mark the start of construction of Ukraine's central used fuel storage facility, which is being built near resettled villages in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Nominations open for Australian waste site

14 August 2014

The Australian government has said that it is still open to nominations from traditional land owners in Northern Territory for a site for a national radioactive waste management facility. Two months ago it confirmed that Muckaty Station was no longer being considered.