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Site approval for Chinese AP1000 plant

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14 April 2014

The Xudabao site in China's Liaoning province has been approved for the construction of the first two of six AP1000 units planned there.

AP1000 control room declared operational

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01 April 2014

Sanmen_control_room_(Westinghouse)_77x48The main control room for the first unit at Sanmen has been declared fully operational, marking another major milestone on the journey towards operation for the first AP1000 reactor.

Commercial operation for Yangjiang 1

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27 March 2014

Yangjiang 1 and 2 - March 2014 - 48Unit 1 of the Yangjiang plant in China's Guangdong province has entered commercial operation, becoming China's 20th operating nuclear power reactor.

First HTR-PM construction progresses

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04 April 2014

Shidaowan 1 first concrete 48CORRECTED The pouring of concrete for the basemat of the first HTR-PM unit - a demonstration high-temperature gas-cooled reactor - at Shidaowan in China's Shandong province was recently completed.

Agreements abound at France-China summit


27 March 2014

F_Hollande_Xi_Jinping_(Presidence_de_la_Rep)_48China and France have celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relations with the agreements to continue the two countries' long-term strategic nuclear energy partnership.

Start-up nearing for Chinese units

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25 March 2014

Fuqing 1 control room 48A number of new nuclear power reactors in China are approaching start-up. The first unit at Yangjiang has completed full-power trial operation while hot tests have concluded at Fuqing 1. Two other units recently completed pressure tests on their containments.