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Czech energy strategy embraces nuclear without 'subsidies'

Nuclear Policies

20 May 2015

The share of nuclear power in the Czech Republic's electricity generation mix is expected to rise from about 35% currently to between 46% and 58% by 2040. The target is part of the pro-nuclear elements of a long-term energy strategy - ASEK, according to its Czech acronym - which the country's trade and industry ministry published yesterday.

Illinois residents rally for nuclear

Energy and Environment

07 May 2015

Illinois_rally_(NEI)_48Hundreds of people gathered at the Illinois State Capitol yesterday to call for the passage of low carbon energy legislation underpinned by the continued operation of the state's nuclear capacity.

IEA calls for clean-energy innovation

Energy and Environment

05 May 2015

"A concerted push for clean-energy innovation is the only way the world can meet its climate goals," according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). The organization said governments should help boost or accelerate this transformation.

China, India back global climate deal

Energy and Environment

19 May 2015

Li and Modi - 15 May 2015 - 48China and India issued a statement underscoring the importance of working together and with other countries to conclude an ambitious, comprehensive, universal, balanced and equitable climate agreement in Paris later this year.

Nuclear associations sign climate declaration

Energy and Environment

06 May 2015

Nuclear for Climate declaration signing 48More than three dozen societies for nuclear professionals around the world have signed the 'Nuclear for Climate' declaration, calling for nuclear energy to be recognized for its contribution towards combatting climate change.

NEI urges US to keep sight of nuclear

Energy and Environment

23 April 2015

As the US administration releases the first instalment of an ongoing program to draw up a roadmap for the country's future energy policy, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is urging the Department of Energy to include the electricity generation portfolio - especially nuclear energy - in its long-term planning.