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EU nuclear trade body calls for 100 new reactors by 2050

Energy and Environment

05 October 2015

The European Union should maintain at least the current capacity of nuclear generation up to and beyond 2050, entailing the commissioning of more than 100 nuclear power reactors over the next 35 years, Foratom said 2 October. This target would deliver 122 GWe of nuclear capacity between 2025 and 2045.

Belarusian premier orders preparations for nuclear project

New Nuclear

30 September 2015

Andrei Kobyakov, prime minister of Belarus, has signed a decree ordering government ministries and agencies to ensure the required number of construction workers are available for the country's first nuclear power plant project, at Ostrovets.

Major components delivered for Vogtle 4

New Nuclear

28 September 2015

Vogtle_4_CMT_(Georgia_Power)_48Major components for Vogtle 4, including parts for the reactor's passive core cooling system, have arrived at the plant's construction site, Georgia Power has announced.

French regulator expects to report soon on EPR 'anomaly'

Regulation and Safety

02 October 2015

Areva's proposed methodology to demonstrate the strength of the reactor vessel of the EPR under construction at Flamanville is "acceptable", according to a letter French nuclear regulator published on its website yesterday. The ASN (Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire) referred to the recommendations  a group of nuclear pressure equipment specialists (GP ESPN) had made following a meeting with the regulator on 30 September.

Tianwan 4 containment dome in place

New Nuclear

29 September 2015

Tianwan_4_dome_installation_(CNNC)_48Construction of unit 4 of China's Tianwan nuclear power plant has entered a new phase with the installation of its containment dome.

Chinese reprocessing plant to start up in 2030

Waste and Recycling

24 September 2015

The construction of a used fuel processing and recycling facility in China is expected to begin in 2020 and be completed by 2030. The facility will be based on French technology.