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Low-carbon displaces coal in Poland's plan

Nuclear Policies

21 August 2014

Belchtow coal mine and power plant (Greenpeace Polska - Bogusz Bilewski) 74x48Poland will reduce dependence on brown and black coal by introducing nuclear power and renewables, according a draft energy policy to 2050 released for consultation.

Canada and Kazakhstan prospects

Nuclear Policies

15 August 2014

Canada Kazakhstan agreement August 2014 48An agreement to cooperate in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy signed by Canada and Kazakhstan in November has come into force.

Rožná uranium mine closing in 2017

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

12 August 2014

The Rožná uranium mine in the Czech Republic will continue operations until mid-2017, Czech Republic minister of commerce and industry Jan Mladek said during a visit to the mine in Dolni Rozinka last week.

IAEA praises Jordanian progress

Nuclear Policies

18 August 2014

Jordan has made "notable progress" in developing its nuclear infrastructure, a mission led by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has found. The team made several recommendations to the country for developing this further.

Lightbridge to support Vietnam regulator

Regulation and Safety

14 August 2014

Lightbridge-VARANS Aug 2014 - 48Lightbridge Corp has become the first US company to work with the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety following their signing of a memorandum of understanding to develop the administrative, legal and regulatory infrastructure required to support Vietnam’s nuclear power program.

Converdyn down but not out in barter battle

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

31 July 2014

UPDATED Converdyn says it will press on with a legal challenge against the Department of Energy after a federal judge this week denied a temporary injunction to stop the department's uranium barter program. Converdyn is the USA's sole uranium conversion company.