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Europe launches its Energy Union

Nuclear Policies

25 February 2015

The 28 member states of the European Union are to integrate their markets and increase security of supply under a policy set known as the Energy Union. Investments of €200 billion per year are expected over the nest decade.

Sweden submits revised action plan

Regulation and Safety

07 January 2015

The Swedish nuclear regulator has submitted a revised post-Fukushima safety action plan to the European Commission which incorporates independent core cooling requirements announced last year.

EU should incentivize use of nuclear power, says IEA

Nuclear Policies

01 December 2014

The European Union should complement its Emissions Trading Scheme with policies to attract "critical investment" in low-carbon technologies - including renewable energies, nuclear and carbon capture and storage – "through sector-specific measures to enhance technology innovation and address non-economic barriers," the International Energy Agency said in a report issued today.

Europe starts work on Energy Union

Energy and Environment

06 February 2015

The European Commission has launched discussion on the creation of its proposed Energy Union. The initiative, it said, aims to "reform how Europe produces, transports and consumes energy."

European utilities defend use of boric acid

Regulation and Safety

09 December 2014

The association of European electricity generators, Eurelectric, has expressed its concern that the use of boric acid - used across the whole nuclear fuel cycle - could be restricted under proposals from the European Chemical Agency.

Chernobyl projects make progress

Waste and Recycling

04 November 2014

Construction of the central used fuel storage facility has started at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.