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Areva and CNNC eye fuel cycle partnership


22 February 2017

Areva-CNNC - February 2017 - 48France's Areva and China National Nuclear Corporation have signed a framework agreement for industrial and commercial cooperation in the nuclear fuel cycle.

EDF sees record UK output as French drops


14 February 2017

French utility EDF today announced its financial results for 2016, noting inspections of steam generators at some of its reactors in France led to a year-on-year drop in output of almost 8%. Output from its British reactors was, however, at a record high.

EDF defends reactor decommissioning plans

Waste and Recycling

02 February 2017

Utility EDF has rejected a French parliamentary committee report on the technical and financial feasibility of decommissioning its nuclear power plants. The report claims the clean-up of French reactors will take longer, be more challenging and cost more than EDF anticipates.

Detector network flags traces of radioactive iodine in Europe

Regulation and Safety

21 February 2017

Small amounts of Iodine-131, well below levels likely to have any effect on human health, were detected in outdoor air last month in a number of European countries. The source of the release has yet to be identified.

JNFL, MHI agree terms for buying into NewCo


03 February 2017

France's Areva has reached agreements with both Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL) and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) on the main terms of their respective acquisition of 5% stakes in its nuclear fuel cycle activities. The operations are being split from Areva's reactor business into a new entity, referred to as 'NewCo'.

EDF agrees to Fessenheim closure compensation protocol


25 January 2017

Fessenheim (EDF) 72x48The board of directors of French utility EDF yesterday approved the terms of the protocol negotiated between the company and the government for setting compensation for the closure of the Fessenheim nuclear power plant. Under France's energy policy, Fessenheim - the country's oldest nuclear power plant - must close when the Flamanville EPR is commissioned in late 2018.