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EDF agrees to majority stake in Areva's reactor business


30 July 2015

EDF has agreed to take a stake of at least 51% in Areva's reactor business, according to a memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies yesterday that sets out the principal terms and conditions of the plan.

China, France further strengthen their nuclear cooperation

Nuclear Policies

01 July 2015

France-China June 2015 48A number of agreements were signed yesterday between Chinese and French nuclear energy companies aimed at strengthening their cooperation in the nuclear fuel cycle and power reactors.

Tricastin 3 clears third decennial inspection

Regulation and Safety

10 June 2015

The French nuclear regulator has given EDF permission to operate unit 3 of its four-unit Tricastin nuclear power plant in southern France for a further ten years.

French energy transition bill adopted

Nuclear Policies

23 July 2015

Segolene addresses National Assembly - July 2015 - 48France's National Assembly yesterday gave final approval of the country's energy transition bill. Under the legislation, France's reliance on nuclear energy will be reduced to 50% of power generation by 2025.

France to study reactor construction in Saudi Arabia

Nuclear Policies

26 June 2015

Saudi Arabia and France signed three nuclear-related cooperation agreements in Paris on 24 June. One is to carry out a feasibility study for the construction of two power reactors in the Middle Eastern country.

EDF to take stake in Areva's reactor business


04 June 2015

The French government has backed a plan for EDF to take a majority stake in Areva's reactor business as part of a revitalization of the country's nuclear power industry. Areva NP would then operate as a separate company.