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Convoy tests 'Iter Itinerary'

New Nuclear

08 April 2014

ITER-transport-convoy-arrival_48A 600-tonne dummy load has completed a journey by land and water to test out the logistics of transporting major components to the Iter fusion reactor site in southern France.

British boy builds fusion reactor

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07 March 2014

Youngest fusioneer 48A thirteen-year-old schoolboy has become the youngest "fusioneer" - a person to build a fusion reactor.

Horizon 2020 spending approval

Nuclear Policies

22 November 2013

The European Parliament has approved a new €1.6 billion ($2.2 billion) spending program for nuclear energy research, as part of the €78.6 billion ($106.3 billion) Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.

Iter construction gathers momentum

New Nuclear

18 March 2014

ASG_winding_line_clean_area_(F4E)_48Contracts for the construction of seven key buildings, plus a contract for the power supply for a plasma heating system, and progress on the manufacture of a major component signal an acceleration in the international Iter fusion reactor project.

Construction starts of Iter Tokamak complex

New Nuclear

13 December 2013

Iter first concrete 48The first concrete has been poured for the basemat of the Tokamak complex of the Iter fusion reactor project at Cadarache in southern France.

Largest European Iter contract so far

New Nuclear

01 November 2013

Iter tokomak complex 48A Franco-German consortium has been awarded a contract for the supply of climatic, mechanical and electrical systems at thirteen buildings, including the Tokamak complex, at the Iter fusion reactor project.