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European Commission to modernize nuclear research centre

New Nuclear

09 June 2016

JRC Wing M groundbreaking - 48A groundbreaking ceremony has been held to launch the start of construction of a new laboratory building at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre at Karlsruhe in Germany. The new building will replace older ones on the site.

German court rejects EnBW's nuclear compensation claim


06 April 2016

EnBW has had its claim for damages arising from Germany's moratorium on nuclear power thrown out by a regional court in Bonn. The court announced today that Germany's fourth biggest utility had not used immediately "all legal means available” to avert the consequences of the forced shut down of its nuclear power units.

EnBW granted permits for decommissioning infrastructure

Waste and Recycling

23 February 2016

UPDATED German power company EnBW has received permits for the construction of decommissioning infrastructure at its Neckarwestheim and Philippsburg nuclear power plants. The company plans to start building soon residual material treatment centres and interim site-waste storage facilities at the two sites.

Proposal for financing German nuclear phase-out

Waste and Recycling

28 April 2016

The commission reviewing the financing of Germany's nuclear phase-out has recommended to the government that the reactor owners pay some EUR23.3 billion ($26.4 billion) into a state-owned fund for decommissioning of the plants and managing radioactive waste.

Vattenfall develops tools to handle Brunsbüttel barrels

Waste and Recycling

23 February 2016

Brunsbuttel barrel removal tool - 48Vattenfall has developed special gripping tools with which to remove more than 600 barrels of low- and intermediate-level waste from six storage pits at the decommissioned Brunsbüttel nuclear power plant in Germany.

Wendelstein 7-X produces first hydrogen plasma

New Nuclear

04 February 2016

Merkel starts hydrogen plasma in Wendelstein 7-X - 48The Wendelstein 7-X - the world's largest stellarator-type fusion device - started scientific operation yesterday with the production of its first hydrogen plasma, the actual investigation object.