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Damaged Paks fuel sent to Russia

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

20 August 2014

The used fuel assemblies that were damaged during a chemical cleaning process at Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant in 2003 have been transported to Russia for processing.

More Russian reactors for Paks

New Nuclear

15 January 2014

Paks - new unit location 48A nuclear cooperation agreement has been signed between Hungary and Russia, which includes the construction of two new units at Hungary's Paks nuclear power plant. Russia has said it will provide financing for the units.

Korea signs European bilaterals

Nuclear Policies

23 October 2013

Chung Hong-won and Jyrki Katainen (Finnish Govt) 48South Korea has signed separate bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements with Finland and Hungary.

Finance deal for new Paks units

New Nuclear

06 February 2014

Paks 48Hungary has reached an agreement with Russia over a finance package for the construction of two new reactors at the Paks nuclear power plant. Russia agreed to build the new units last month.

Hungary joins HEU-free club

Regulation and Safety

05 November 2013

Hungarian HEU shipment (NNSANews)_48The final consignment of high-enriched uranium (HEU) has been shipped from Hungary to Russia, making the country the 12th nation from which all HEU has been removed since 2009.

Don't impede our nuclear, V4 tells EU

Nuclear Policies

15 October 2013

V4 ministers (Árvai Károly/Hungary PM)_48Leaders from four central European countries have come together to tell the European Union they feel that nuclear energy is being discriminated against, and have called for the EU to support their nuclear expansion plans.