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UK nuclear industry looks back at 'momentous' year

Nuclear Policies

02 December 2016

With the final investment decision to build the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in Somerset, together with progress in other planned new nuclear projects, 2016 has been a "momentous" year for the UK, delegates at the Nuclear Industry Association's Nuclear2016 conference in London heard yesterday.

Ukraine applauds WANO's pilot cross-centre review at Rovno


25 November 2016

The head of Energoatom has described the World Association of Nuclear Operators' first cross-regional review, which is taking place at the Rovno nuclear power plant in Ukraine, as a "very useful" exercise that reflects changes to WANO's approach following the 2011 Fukushima accident in Japan.

Initiative calls for clearer path to advanced reactor deployment

Nuclear Policies

09 November 2016

Institutional and cultural changes are needed if advanced nuclear reactor designs are to progress from development to deployment by 2030, the Global Nexus Initiative has said in a report to policymakers. The GNI has put forward ten policy recommendations to enable these changes.

UK launches nuclear skills Strategic Plan

Nuclear Policies

01 December 2016

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) today launched its Nuclear Skills Strategic Plan to ensure UK nuclear employers can "recruit skilled people at the required rate to meet the sector's ambitious forward program". The Strategic Plan was launched at Nuclear 2016, the Nuclear Industry Association’s annual conference in London.

National policies to shape future energy sector, says IEA

Energy and Environment

16 November 2016

There will be "major transformations in the global energy system over the next decades" as government policies to combat climate change and energy efficiency measures take effect, according to the International Energy Agency. Nuclear generating capacity, it says, could more than double by 2040.

NEI issues new efficiency recommendations


03 November 2016

The US Nuclear Energy Institute has launched three new bulletins of efficiency recommendations to nuclear plant operators under its Delivering the Nuclear Promise, an initiative to improve operational effectiveness at plant sites. The bulletins address supply chain issues and streamlined work management.