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More SMR vendor design reviews for CNSC

Regulation and Safety

20 February 2018

eVinci_micro_reactor_(Westinghouse)-48The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is to conduct pre-licensing vendor design reviews (VDR) of small modular reactor designs from NuScale Power and Westinghouse Electric Company. The reviews of the NuScale SMR and Westinghouse's eVinci micro reactor will incorporate the first two phases of the VDR process.

GNF lead test assemblies ready for loading

Uranium and Fuel

09 February 2018

Hatch_(NRC-Southern_Nuclear)-48Lead test assemblies of accident-tolerant boiling water reactor fuel have been shipped to Southern Nuclear Operating Company and will be installed in an operating reactor, Global Nuclear Fuels announced yesterday. The IronClad and ARMOR assemblies will be loaded into the Edwin I Hatch plant.

Framatome 'ideal partner', says Lightbridge CEO

Uranium and Fuel

05 February 2018

Framatome is the best partner for Lightbridge for developing, licensing and commercialising nuclear fuel assemblies based on its technology, the company's president and CEO Seth Grae told World Nuclear News. Speaking shortly after the companies announced their Enfission joint venture, he said they intend Enfission to become a major player in the international nuclear industry.

Initial building completed at US isotope facility

New Nuclear

14 February 2018

SHINE Building One - 48Shine Medical Technologies has completed construction and taken occupancy of Building One at its medical isotope production facility in Janesville, Wisconsin. Construction of the main production facility is to begin soon.

Norman fusion device reaches 'long enough' milestone

New Nuclear

09 February 2018

Norman - 48TAE Technologies, the California, USA-based fusion energy technology company, has announced that its proprietary beam-driven field-reversed configuration plasma generator has set a new company record for plasma temperature. After more than 4000 experiments to date, the generator 'Norman' has now exceeded the capabilities and performance of the company's previous FRC plasma generator, C-2U.

Federal facilities could benefit from SMRs, says report

New Nuclear

02 February 2018

Small modular reactors could provide valuable energy resilience for US federal sites as a secure, reliable, and flexible source of primary and backup power, a new report funded by the US Department of Energy has found.