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Russia, Iran discuss further reactors

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14 March 2014

Bushehr (NIAEP-ASE)_48Russia and Iran have reportedly reached a preliminary agreement for the construction of two more units at the Bushehr nuclear power plant. The first unit at Bushehr, completed by Russia, is already in full operation.

First steps agreed on Iranian enrichment

Nuclear Policies

25 November 2013

Rouhani press conf (Iranian Presidency)_48Iran is to limit its uranium enrichment activities in return for some easing of economic sanctions. The new agreement with the P5+1 countries is seen as a significant step towards a long-term comprehensive solution.

Sign-off marks start of Bushehr handover

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24 September 2013

Bushehr (NIAEP-ASE)_48The handover of the Bushehr nuclear power plant by Russian constructors to its Iranian customer has formally begun with a ceremony attended by the heads of NIAEP-ASE and the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran.

Implementation of interim Iranian agreement

Nuclear Policies

13 January 2014

Iran will begin suspending parts of its uranium enrichment program and downblending its stockpile of uranium enriched up to 20% over the next six months in return for modest relief from international sanctions.

Breakthrough in Iran talks

Nuclear Policies

11 November 2013

Iran has said it will cooperate on resolving "all outstanding issues" that the International Atomic Energy Agency has concerning its nuclear program. Access is to be granted to heavy water facilities and the Gachin uranium mine.

Change at the top in Iran

Nuclear Policies

19 August 2013

Former foreign minister Ali Akbar Salehi has returned to the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran as its head. He will soon lead negotiations with Russia on the potential supply of new nuclear reactors, set to begin once Bushehr is handed over.