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Iran to cooperate with IAEA to resolve concerns

Nuclear Policies

15 July 2015

IAEA-Iran roadmap signing 48A road-map for "the clarification of past and present outstanding issues" regarding Iran's nuclear program was agreed yesterday between the country and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). All issues should be resolved by the end of the year.

Russia offers nuclear desalination bundle

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04 March 2015

Rusatom Overseas is aiming to sell desalination facilities integrated with large capacity nuclear power plants to Russia's export markets.

Russia to build eight more reactors in Iran

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11 November 2014

UPDATED rosatom iran reactor 48Russia has agreed to build up to eight new nuclear power reactor units in Iran - four at Bushehr and four at another, yet to be determined site.

Pathway agreed to reach Iran resolution

Nuclear Policies

07 April 2015

A framework agreement has been reached between Iran and the P5+1 group of six world powers in restricting Iran's nuclear program to peaceful uses only. The agreement was brokered after extended talks in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Rouhani introduces Iranian plans

Nuclear Policies

16 January 2015

Rouhani_at Bushehr_Jan_2015_(Iran_Presidency)_48Iran must become a builder of nuclear power plants, President Hassan Rouhani told an administrative meeting in the province of Bushehr. Rouhani also visited the Bushehr nuclear plant where he announced the construction of two more units.

Iran denies violation of NPT commitments

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10 November 2014

UPDATED Iran has rejected the charge it has violated one of the commitments it made in the Joint Plan of Action it agreed at a meeting with P5+1 leaders in Geneva last year.