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Japanese regulator approves full reactor licences

Regulation and Safety

20 November 2015

Sendai - 48 (JAIF)Three Japanese reactors have approval to operate for their full licence periods of 40 years after decisions by the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA). One of the units - Sendai 2 - is already in operation, the other two - Takahama 3 and 4 - are soon to restart.

Hitachi-GE signs BWR decommissioning agreements

Waste and Recycling

12 November 2015

Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy has concluded cooperative agreements with both the UK's Cavendish Nuclear Limited and France's Areva NC concerning boiling water reactor decommissioning in Japan.

Second Japanese reactor restarted


15 October 2015

Sendai 48Unit 2 of the Sendai nuclear power plant in Japan's Kagoshima prefecture was restarted today, plant owner Kyushu Electric Power Company announced. It becomes the second Japanese reactor to resume operation after the country idled its entire fleet following the March 2011 accident at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.

Major work required at Rokkasho for new regulations

Regulation and Safety

17 November 2015

Completion of Japan's Rokkasho reprocessing plant and mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel factory have been postponed by around two years as work continues to comply with new safety requirements.

Rubble removal progresses at Fukushima Daiichi 3

Regulation and Safety

16 October 2015

Fukushima Daiichi 3 SFP hatch removal 48A hatch weighing some 2.6 tonnes has been removed from the used fuel pool of unit 3 at the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. The hatch was one of the largest remaining pieces of rubble in the pool.

Regulator completes safety review of Takahama units

Regulation and Safety

09 October 2015

Takahama 48The restart of units 3 and 4 of Kansai Electric Power Company's Takahama nuclear power plant moved a step closer today with Japan's nuclear regulator confirming the units meet new safety requirements.