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2017 an important year for Japanese reactor restarts

Nuclear Policies

11 January 2017

Japan's future use of nuclear energy could be significantly impacted by decisions made this year on restarting reactors and extending the operating periods of its older units, according to the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan. However, it sees nuclear playing an important role in achieving energy security, economy and environmental protection.

Toshiba Corp faces loss of 'billions' on US nuclear acquisition


28 December 2016

Toshiba Corp may have to write off "several billion" dollars because of Westinghouse Electric Company's purchase a year ago of CB&I Stone & Webster (S&W) - a US construction firm that specializes in nuclear power projects. In a statement yesterday, the Japanese electronics conglomerate said it needs to "determine the value" of the possible Westinghouse loss and the impact on Toshiba's financial forecast for 2016 announced last month.

Japanese government says Monju will be scrapped

Nuclear Policies

22 December 2016

Monju FBR - 48The Japanese government has made the formal decision that the Monju prototype fast breeder reactor will not be restarted and steps will be taken to decommission it. However, the government also said the country's development of fast reactors would continue.

JAIF president urges reactor restarts to fight climate change

Energy and Environment

30 December 2016

Japan needs to work towards bringing its reactors back online if the country is to meet its climate goals, Akio Takahashi, president of the Japan Atomic Industry Forum, said this week. Nuclear energy currently accounts for just 1.1% of Japan's electricity production and commercial operation has been resumed at only three of the country's nuclear power plants - Sendai 1, Sendai 2 and Ikata 3.

UK and Japan extend cooperation in nuclear

Nuclear Policies

23 December 2016

Japan-UK MOU - December 2016 - 48Japan and the UK will expand their existing collaboration in civil nuclear activities - including decommissioning, research and development, and nuclear new build - through a memorandum of cooperation signed yesterday in Tokyo.

Local opposition to dismantling of Japanese fast reactor

Nuclear Policies

19 December 2016

Monju (JAEA) 48UPDATED The governor of Fukui prefecture has called the Japanese government's proposal to decommission the Monju prototype fast breeder reactor (FBR) as "totally unacceptable". However, the government announced a formal decision on 20 December to scrap the reactor.