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Sogaz insures Russia's nuclear power plants


29 April 2014

Smolensk 48Russian insurance group Sogaz has again won the annual tender to provide property insurance to all of the country's nuclear power plants. It is also to insure the construction of Russia's first floating nuclear power plant.

Japan looks to ratify liability accord

Nuclear Policies

13 December 2013

Japan intends to introduce legislation to ratify the Convention on Supplementary Compensation for Nuclear Damage (CSC). Japan's ratification of the CSC will bring the international convention on liability into force.

US nuclear liability premiums adjusted

Nuclear Policies

15 July 2013

The cost to US power companies of covering insurance liability for potential nuclear accidents has risen by 8%. The new rates were set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to take account of inflation.

Jaitapur clears bureaucratic hurdles

New Nuclear

31 December 2013

The project to build the 9900 MWe Jaitapur nuclear power plant in India has cleared some significant procedural hurdles by securing coastal permits and purchasing land.

Initiative for global liability

Nuclear Policies

30 August 2013

The prospect of a worldwide regime to give compensation in case of a nuclear accident with cross-border impacts may be more feasible with cooperation from France and the USA.

Canada to bolster nuclear liability laws

Nuclear Policies

11 June 2013

Oliver CNS June 2013 48Civil liability for damages from a nuclear accident in Canada will increase from the current CAD75 million ($73 million) to CAD1 billion ($978 million) under proposed changes to legislation.