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Hanhikivi investment decision

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15 April 2014

Hanhikivi with AES-2006 48A binding decision to construct and finance the Hanhikivi nuclear power plant in Finland has been made by the shareholders of Fennovoima, including Russian state nuclear company Rosatom.

Site approval for Chinese AP1000 plant

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14 April 2014

The Xudabao site in China's Liaoning province has been approved for the construction of the first two of six AP1000 units planned there.

Revised EIA filed for Turkish nuclear plant

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10 April 2014

Akkuyu_site_(Akkuyu_NPP)_48Akkuyu NPP, the Russian-owned project company responsible for Turkey's first nuclear power plant, has submitted a revised version of its environmental impact assessment (EIA) report on the plant.

Funding for mPower reduced


14 April 2014

Babcock & Wilcox will slash its spending on the mPower small modular reactor project, having failed to find customers or investors. William Fox has replaced Christofer Mowry as CEO of the Generation mPower subsidiary.

Regulator approves Olkiluoto I&C architecture

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11 April 2014

Olkiluoto_3_190314_(TVO)_48Finnish nuclear regulator STUK has approved the overall architecture of the instrumentation and control (I&C) systems for Olkiluoto 3 but has asked for further studies to be completed before final approval.

First HTR-PM construction progresses

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04 April 2014

Shidaowan 1 first concrete 48CORRECTED The pouring of concrete for the basemat of the first HTR-PM unit - a demonstration high-temperature gas-cooled reactor - at Shidaowan in China's Shandong province was recently completed.