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Subsidies for European nuclear fuel manufacturers

Nuclear Policies

14 April 2014

Manufacturers of nuclear fuel within the European Union will be eligible for national subsidies to cope with the additional costs of using electricity generated by renewable sources in operations, according to new rules announced by Brussels.

Construction of nitride fuel plant underway

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

08 April 2014

Construction has started of a pilot plant for the production of fuel for the experimental lead-cooled BREST-300 fast reactor to be built at the Siberian Chemical Combine in Russia.

Non-proliferation move by Japan

Nuclear Policies

24 March 2014

Plutonium removal from Italy (NNSA) 65x48Plutonium and highly-enriched uranium research reactor fuel in Japan will be sent to the USA for downblending or disposal. The announcement came as world leaders convene in the Netherlands for the third Nuclear Security Summit.

More Westinghouse fuel for Ukraine

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

11 April 2014

South Ukraine NPP 48Ukraine's national electricity utility Energoatom has extended its nuclear fuel supply contract with Westinghouse through to 2020. The country primarily sources its nuclear fuel from Russia.

Fuel cycle roundup #23

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

04 April 2014

• Duke to sell surplus fuel
• Uranium One in Kazakh litigation
• Early end for conversion agreement
• Forte acquires Slovak assets
• Rare earths MoU for Greenland

US utility foots bill for information


24 March 2014

Columbia_Generating_Station_(NRC)_48US utility Energy Northwest will be facing a bill of up to $3 million to process a public information request relating to its 2012 purchase of depleted uranium from the US Department of Energy.