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Exelon's nuclear fleet expands


02 April 2014

CORRECTED R E Ginna 48The operating licences of five US nuclear power reactors have been transferred from Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG) to Exelon, making it the third-largest nuclear operator in the world.

Commercial operation for Yangjiang 1

New Nuclear

27 March 2014

Yangjiang 1 and 2 - March 2014 - 48Unit 1 of the Yangjiang plant in China's Guangdong province has entered commercial operation, becoming China's 20th operating nuclear power reactor.

Start-up nearing for Chinese units

New Nuclear

25 March 2014

Fuqing 1 control room 48A number of new nuclear power reactors in China are approaching start-up. The first unit at Yangjiang has completed full-power trial operation while hot tests have concluded at Fuqing 1. Two other units recently completed pressure tests on their containments.

Ranger spillage clean-up complete

Regulation and Safety

27 March 2014

Ranger leach tanks 48The clean-up of spilled slurry material at the Ranger uranium mine has been completed, Energy Resources of Australia reported. A damaged rubber liner has been identified as the cause of last year's leaching tank rupture.

Test anomalies trigger early outages at Belgian units

Regulation and Safety

26 March 2014

Tihange reactor building 48Belgian utility Electrabel has brought forward planned outages for units at its Tihange and Doel plants after additional tests on hydrogen flakes suggested these may affect the mechanical properties of their reactor vessels.

Flooding impacts Kazakh mines

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

19 March 2014

Inkai JV 48Flooding of access roads due to snow melt is causing disruption to operations at a number of uranium mines in southern Kazakhstan. Exploration work has also been suspended at other projects.