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Pakistan breaks ground for new Karachi units

New Nuclear

21 August 2015

Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif yesterday held a ceremony to mark the start of construction of two Chinese-designed Hualong One units near the coastal city of Karachi.

Chashma 4 containment capped

New Nuclear

08 January 2014

Chashma 4 dome 48Installation of the containment dome marks a significant milestone in the construction of the second of two reactors being built in Pakistan by Chinese companies.

Contracts for new Pakistan reactors

New Nuclear

10 September 2013

ACP1000 (CNNC) 84x48Contracts were recently signed for the Karachi Coastal Nuclear Power Project in Pakistan comprising two ACP1000 units. The order marks the first foreign purchase of the Chinese reactor design.

Pakistan aspires to international role

Nuclear Policies

26 September 2014

Pakistan would like to be a full member of export control regimes and to play a part in the international nuclear industry, according to the country's statement to the International Atomic Energy Agency's 58th General Conference.

Pakistan breaks ground for coastal units

New Nuclear

03 December 2013

Karachi 2 and 3 groundbreaking 48A ground-breaking ceremony has been held for the Karachi Coastal Nuclear Power Project in Pakistan, comprising two Chinese-supplied ACP1000 units.

Commitment for new Pakistan reactors

New Nuclear

11 July 2013

ACP1000 (CNNC) 84x48Pakistan's top-level Executive Committee of the National Economic Council has approved funds to purchase two new nuclear power reactors from China.