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Detector network flags traces of radioactive iodine in Europe

Regulation and Safety

21 February 2017

Small amounts of Iodine-131, well below levels likely to have any effect on human health, were detected in outdoor air last month in a number of European countries. The source of the release has yet to be identified.

IAEA team applauds Poland's progress with nuclear program

Regulation and Safety

04 July 2016

Poland is "taking all the necessary measures" to ensure its nuclear power program meets the highest standards of safety and security and best international practice, Józef Sobolewski, director of the nuclear energy department of the country's Ministry of Energy, has said. Sobolewski's comments followed the conclusion of the International Atomic Energy Agency that Poland has implemented all the recommendations and suggestions of a 2013 Integrated Nuclear Infrastructure Review mission.

Japanese interest in Poland's first nuclear plant

New Nuclear

06 May 2015

Takagi meets Gawlik - May 2015 48Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Toshiba and other Japanese companies are "very interested" in participating in the construction of Poland's first nuclear power plant, Yosuke Takagi, Japan's deputy economy, trade and industry minister, said yesterday following a meeting with Polish Deputy Treasury Minister Zdzislaw Gawlik.

IEA welcomes Poland's nuclear energy plans

Nuclear Policies

25 January 2017

Nuclear power could play a significant role in Poland's energy supply, according to the International Energy Agency. The use of nuclear, it said, would enable the country to boost its electricity generation capacity from clean energy sources while strengthening its energy security.

PGE EJ1 rejects suggestion of further delay to plant project


27 July 2015

PGE EJ1 - the subsidiary of Polish state-owned energy group Polska Grupa Energetyczna set up to build and run Poland's first nuclear power plant - has rejected a report by Greenpeace that there is a seven-year delay to the project.

Ukraine and Poland agree to push for integrated grids


23 March 2015

Ukraine-Poland March 2015 - 48Energoatom, Ukrenergo and Polenergia have signed a memorandum of understanding on a project to export electricity via European grids. Energoatom which operates all of Ukraine's nuclear power plants, said the agreement will make it possible to use all its available nuclear capacity and attract funds for the completion of the third and fourth reactors of its Khmelnitsky nuclear power plant.