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Low-carbon displaces coal in Poland's plan

Nuclear Policies

21 August 2014

Belchtow coal mine and power plant (Greenpeace Polska - Bogusz Bilewski) 74x48Poland will reduce dependence on brown and black coal by introducing nuclear power and renewables, according a draft energy policy to 2050 released for consultation.

Polish cabinet approves new nuclear plan

Nuclear Policies

29 January 2014

The Polish government has adopted a revised program for the construction of the country's first nuclear power plants, which sees two facilities in operation by 2035.

Partnership agreed for Polish plant


24 September 2013

Four state-owned companies have agreed the shareholdings they will each hold in the entity set up to build and operate Poland's first nuclear power plant. Utility Polska Grupa Energetyczna will retain a 70% stake in the company, PGE EJ1.

Amec to advise on Polish plant


08 July 2014

Amec Nuclear UK has been selected as technical adviser to provide support for the program to build Poland's first nuclear power plant.

Don't impede our nuclear, V4 tells EU

Nuclear Policies

15 October 2013

V4 ministers (Árvai Károly/Hungary PM)_48Leaders from four central European countries have come together to tell the European Union they feel that nuclear energy is being discriminated against, and have called for the EU to support their nuclear expansion plans.

Areva, EDF extend Polish supplier network


11 September 2013

Areva and EDF have signed cooperation agreements with four Polish companies to bolster their local supply chain in the country. Areva's EPR is one of four reactor designs under consideration for Poland's first nuclear power plant.