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UK sets aside funds for 'ambitious' nuclear research and development program

Nuclear Policies

26 November 2015

The UK will invest at least £250 million ($377 million) over the next five years in an "ambitious" nuclear research and development program, according to the Conservative Party-led government's Spending Review and Autumn Statement published yesterday. British Chancellor George Osborne's 'Comprehensive Spending Review' says this program will "revive the UK's nuclear expertise and position the UK as a global leader in innovative nuclear technologies".

Sweden's Oskarshamn 1 and 2 reactor units to close


14 October 2015

Oskarshamn (OKG)_48German utility Eon has decided that units 1 and 2 of the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant in Sweden will be shut down permanently. Unit 3 is unaffected by the decision, which was announced today by OKG AB, of which the EOn group is the major shareholder.

Utility must pay 2013 nuclear tax, Belgian court rules


18 September 2015

Belgium's Constitutional Court has rejected Electrabel's appeal against the legality of the nuclear tax contribution imposed by the government for 2013. The company maintains that the level of tax does not reflect deteriorating market conditions in which it operates.

Ex-Im Bank reauthorised to support American exports


28 October 2015

US industry has applauded the reauthorisation of the Ex-Im Bank, which supports it in selling goods and services abroad and is a pre-requisite for major nuclear exports.

China, UK to fund nuclear research centre

New Nuclear

25 September 2015

China and the UK will work together to co-fund a £50 million ($78 million) nuclear research centre, to be headquartered in the UK. Chinese vice premier Ma Kai and British chancellor George Osborne announced the plan on 21 September during the 7th UK-China Economic and Financial Dialogue summit in Beijing.

Women in Nuclear for Climate

Nuclear Policies

01 September 2015

Women in Nuclear conf, August 2015 (IAEA - Dean Calma) 77x48Women in Nuclear has leant its support to a civil society campaign for nuclear energy to be recognised as a low-carbon option for fighting climate change.