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Perry scraps completion of US MOX facility

Uranium and Fuel

16 May 2018

MFFF - January 2016 - 48US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has written to Congress informing it that he has effectively ended the project to construct a mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel fabrication facility at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina. The facility, about 70% complete, was intended to dispose of 34 tonnes of weapons-grade plutonium by turning it into fuel for commercial nuclear reactors.

Identifying the cost drivers of nuclear projects

Nuclear Policies

01 May 2018

The Energy Technologies Institute yesterday released a summary report from its Nuclear Cost Drivers project which identifies eight "key drivers" and 35 "credible opportunities" to reduce the cost of generating electricity using nuclear power. The study is led by Clean Tech Catalyst, Ltd, working with Lucid Strategy.

Philippines to draw up nuclear energy policy

Nuclear Policies

26 April 2018

Bataan NPP - 48The Philippines Department of Energy has submitted its recommendation to the President on the country's nuclear energy policy. The policy will include a decision on the future of the mothballed Bataan nuclear power plant.

UK regulator submits 2018-2019 Corporate Plan

Regulation and Safety

11 May 2018

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation has laid its latest Corporate Plan before Parliament in which it lists its ten priorities for 2018-2019. These include developing a new regime to meet safeguarding obligations following Parliament's decision to exit Euratom, along with measures to support the implementation of new emergency planning arrangements as a result of the Basic Standards Directive.

Niger completes IAEA nuclear infrastructure mission

Regulation and Safety

27 April 2018

IAEA INIR mission to Niger - April 2018 - 48The government of Niger has a strong commitment to developing the infrastructure for a nuclear power programme, an International Atomic Energy Agency mission has concluded. Niger, whose economic development is hampered by a lack of consistent electricity supply, is considering a potential role for nuclear power in its energy mix, the IAEA said. A country of about 21 million people in Western Africa, Niger is currently ranked as the world’s fourth largest producer of uranium ore.

US regulator considers value of resiliency

Nuclear Policies

23 April 2018

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told congressional lawmakers last week its commissioners are investigating ways for electricity markets to value reliability, while distancing themselves from immediate reform. The Nuclear Energy Institute says the discussion follows the "concrete action taken by several states, most recently New Jersey, to properly compensate nuclear power's zero-carbon attributes".