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Finnish regulator approves Posiva's waste repository plan

Waste and Recycling

12 February 2015

Olkiluoto repository 48Finland's radiation and nuclear safety authority has given its backing to Posiva's application to construct a final repository and waste encapsulation plant.

Storage of Fukushima clean-up waste to start

Waste and Recycling

19 January 2015

The interim storage of contaminated soil and other wastes generated by decontamination efforts at Japan's damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant and surrounding area will begin in March, the environment ministry has said.

Irradiation trials of HTR-PM fuel completed

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

05 January 2015

Qualification irradiation tests of fuel elements for the demonstration HTR-PM high-temperature gas-cooled reactor plant being built at Shidaowan, China, have been completed in the Netherlands.

US House passes low-dose radiation bill

Regulation and Safety

20 January 2015

The US Department of Energy and National Academy of Sciences have been directed to work together to assess the current status of US and international research on low-dose radiation and to formulate a long-term research agenda under a bill approved by the US House of Representatives.

Transformer fire at South Ukraine plant extinguished

Regulation and Safety

16 January 2015

A fire caused by a short circuit in the AT-1 grid automatic transformer of the South Ukraine nuclear power plant was extinguished within two hours yesterday, Energoatom, the country's state-owned nuclear power plant operator, said today.

Westinghouse 'significantly' expands fuel supply in Ukraine

Nuclear Policies

31 December 2014

Westinghouse and Energoatom have agreed "to significantly increase" nuclear fuel deliveries to Ukrainian nuclear power plants until 2020.