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The benefits of standardisation for nuclear projects

Regulation and Safety

22 September 2016

The importance of standardisation in the evaluation of reactor designs is key to making nuclear power plant projects more efficient and cost-effective, Jerry Head, senior vice president of regulatory affairs at GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy told delegates at the World Nuclear Association's 41st Annual Symposium in London last week. Head outlined seven areas where such an approach can bring harmony to the process of managing projects from the design licensing stage through to decommissioning.

Further delay in completion of Ohma plant

New Nuclear

12 September 2016

Japan Electric Power Development Corp has announced a further two-year delay in the construction of additional safety measures at unit 1 of the Ohma nuclear power plant, being built in Japan's Aomori prefecture. Construction of the unit is now expected to be completed in late 2023 or early 2024.

Chinese regulatory system must keep up with growth, says IAEA

Regulation and Safety

08 September 2016

IRRS mission to China - September 2016 - 48China's regulatory framework for nuclear and radiation safety is effective but will need to keep pace with the country's nuclear energy program, an International Atomic Energy Agency peer review mission has concluded.

Replica vessel component used to verify Beznau 1 safety

Regulation and Safety

14 September 2016

Beznau 1 replica Ring C - 48The production of a replica part of the reactor pressure vessel used in unit 1 of Switzerland's Beznau nuclear power plant has shown that aluminium oxide inclusions in the vessel formed during its manufacture, utility Axpo said. The unit has been offline for more than a year whilst the safety of its vessel is investigated.

Kansai details upgrade work at oldest Takahama units

Regulation and Safety

09 September 2016

Takahama 48Kansai Electric Power Company has released a plan of safety improvement works it will carry out to extend the operating periods of units 1 and 2 of its Takahama nuclear power plant in Japan's Fukui prefecture beyond 40 years. Regulatory approval for operating the units for up to 60 years has already been granted.

Canada and China sign regulatory MOU

Regulation and Safety

05 September 2016

CNSC_China_NNSA_MOU-signing_(CNSC)-48Nuclear regulators from Canada and China have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) expressing their commitment to cooperate and exchange nuclear safety regulatory information.