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WANO completes reviews of Leningrad and Tianwan plants

New Nuclear

13 July 2018

WANO team at Leningrad II-1 - 48A team from the World Association of Nuclear Operators' Moscow Centre has completed its independent review of unit 1 of the Leningrad Phase II nuclear power plant in northwest Russia. The VVER 1200 reactor is scheduled to enter commercial operation before the end of this year. The Moscow Centre also organised a pre-operational peer review at unit 4 of the Tianwan nuclear power plant in China's Jiangsu province. The Russian-designed 1060 MWe VVER-1000 pressurised water reactor is expected to begin operating in March 2019.

NEI issues guidelines for regulatory interactions

Regulation and Safety

06 July 2018

NuScale SMR cross section 48The US Nuclear Energy Institute has issued guidelines to help advanced nuclear reactor developers in their interactions with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A regulatory engagement plan will help reactor developers' early interactions with NRC staff and can reduce regulatory uncertainty and add predictability to licensing advanced technologies, the NEI said.

Daher to apply for NRC transport package certification

Regulation and Safety

02 July 2018

DN30_PSP_(Daher)-48Daher is to submit its DN30 PSP transport package for US certification by the end of July and expects to receive certification from French regulators by the end of the year. The company says the flask offers a long-term, reliable solution for the transport of enriched uranium product and reprocessed uranium.

UK's post-Brexit nuclear plans face scrutiny

Regulation and Safety

12 July 2018

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has launched a consultation until 14 September on draft regulations that aim to enable a domestic nuclear safeguards regime following the UK's withdrawal from the European Atomic Energy Community (Euratom) as part of its departure from the European Union.

Tokai 2 passes safety screening

Regulation and Safety

04 July 2018

Tokai 2 48.jpgUnit 2 of Japan Atomic Power Company's Tokai nuclear power plant has moved a step closer to restarting after the country's nuclear regulator said the unit meets revised safety standards. Having started commercial operation in 1978, it is one of the oldest of Japan's reactors to have applied for restart.

US dignitaries endorse nuclear's importance

Nuclear Policies

27 June 2018

A group of 75 senior US figures, including former statesmen, military, industrial and academic leaders, have written to Energy Secretary Rick Perry imploring him to take immediate action to prevent the closure of reactors, citing the contribution of nuclear power to national security. Meanwhile, the US Senate has passed a 2019 appropriations bill providing USD1.2 billion for nuclear energy programmes and supporting nuclear innovation.