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Iberdrola joins GE-Hitachi for Prism

New Nuclear

23 July 2014

Prism (GE-Hitachi) 47x48Spanish utility Iberdrola will work with GE-Hitachi Nuclear Energy to develop a proposal to build a Prism integral fast reactor in the UK, but is yet to decide the scope of its involvement either as an engineer or operator of the potential plant.

Agreements abound at France-China summit


27 March 2014

F_Hollande_Xi_Jinping_(Presidence_de_la_Rep)_48China and France have celebrated 50 years of diplomatic relations with the agreements to continue the two countries' long-term strategic nuclear energy partnership.

Credible options for UK plutonium disposal

Waste and Recycling

21 January 2014

Both the Prism and Enhanced Candu 6 reactors are "credible options" for managing the UK's plutonium stockpile, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has concluded. However, the government's preferred option remains reuse as mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel.

UK government increases control of civil plutonium

Waste and Recycling

03 July 2014

The UK is taking control of more of the foreign-owned separated plutonium it is storing, avoiding the cost and security measures associated with transporting the fuel back to other countries.

UK considers options for unreprocessed foreign fuel

Waste and Recycling

04 March 2014

The UK government has launched a public consultation on how it will deal with a small amount of overseas origin used fuel that will remain in the country when reprocessing activities end in 2018.

Fuel cycle safety rules for Japan

Regulation and Safety

28 November 2013

Rokkasho (JNFL) 68x48Safety rules for Japan's nuclear fuel facilities have been finalised, ready for parliamentary approval next month.