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UK sets aside funds for 'ambitious' nuclear research and development program

Nuclear Policies

26 November 2015

(Updated with comment from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority) The UK will invest at least £250 million ($377 million) over the next five years in an "ambitious" nuclear research and development program, according to the Conservative Party-led government's Spending Review and Autumn Statement published yesterday. British Chancellor George Osborne's 'Comprehensive Spending Review' says this program will "revive the UK's nuclear expertise" and position the country as "a global leader in innovative nuclear technologies".

White House summit pledges to support nuclear development

Nuclear Policies

09 November 2015

The US Administration has underlined its vision of a strong role for nuclear in the country's clean energy strategy. It has announced actions to sustain and finance nuclear energy, including supplements to the Department of Energy's federal loan guarantee solicitation to support nuclear energy projects.

Canadian companies join up for medical isotope development

Regulation and Safety

29 October 2015

Bruce Power and Nordion are to work together to secure the long-term supply of high specific activity cobalt-60 under a memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies.

VHTR cooling system performance verified

New Nuclear

12 November 2015

VHTR NACEF - 48The passive cooling system of the proposed Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) has successfully passed simulation verification tests, the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute has announced. In addition to producing electricity, the advanced reactor design could also be used to produce hydrogen.

Russia and Korea extend cooperation in fast research reactor work

New Nuclear

06 November 2015

RIAR-KAERI - November 2015 - 48Russia and Korea have signed a contract to carry out research on experimental fuel rods irradiated in the BOR-60 fast research reactor. Dimitrovgrad, Russia-based RIAR's BOR-60 is the world's only fast research reactor in operation. Commissioned in 1969, BOR-60 is fully contracted till the end of its lifetime in December 2020.

US reactor materials testing facility upgraded

New Nuclear

28 October 2015

MIBL open house - 48A $3 million upgrade of the Michigan Ion Beam Laboratory will enable tests on radiation damage in materials to be performed much quicker than previously possible. Such tests will help in the life extension of existing reactors and in the development of advanced reactor designs.