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New concept for offshore nuclear plant

New Nuclear

16 April 2014

MIT platform power plant concept (Jake Jurewicz / MIT-NSE) 72x48A new floating nuclear power plant concept has been put forward by US university MIT based an offshore platform similar to those used by the oil industry.

Swimming, shape-changing robots for Fukushima


17 March 2014

Hitachi submersible robot 48Two robots have been jointly developed by Hitachi and Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy to help investigate the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. One robot is submersible while the other is shape-changing.

Helical steam generator passes test

New Nuclear

27 February 2014

Helical_Coil_Steam_Generator_(NuScale)_Feb_2014_48Testing activities have been successfully completed for a first-of-a-kind helical coil steam generator for use in NuScale Power's small modular reactor design.

Funding for mPower reduced


14 April 2014

Babcock & Wilcox will slash its spending on the mPower small modular reactor project, having failed to find customers or investors. William Fox has replaced Christofer Mowry as CEO of the Generation mPower subsidiary.

British boy builds fusion reactor

Other News

07 March 2014

Youngest fusioneer 48A thirteen-year-old schoolboy has become the youngest "fusioneer" - a person to build a fusion reactor.

Novel study puts Fukushima doses into perspective

Regulation and Safety

25 February 2014

PNAS study map, February 2014 74x48A newly published study of the radiation doses received by Fukushima residents has concluded that most people in the prefecture are unlikely to receive doses significantly different to normal background radiation levels as a result of the accident.