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Robots get smarter to help with decommissioning

Waste and Recycling

04 May 2018

LaserSnake at Dragon - 48A laser-cutting robotic snake has been deployed on the highly-radioactive core of the redundant Dragon reactor at Winfrith in the UK. Meanwhile, machine learning algorithms to increase capabilities in several crucial areas of nuclear robotics - including waste handling, cell decommissioning and site monitoring with mobile robots - are to be created by a team of computer scientists from the University of Lincoln.

US federal support for advanced nuclear technology

New Nuclear

01 May 2018

NuScale SMR 48The US Department of Energy has selected 13 projects to receive USD60 million of cost-shared R&D funding for advanced nuclear technologies, including the first awards under the US Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development initiative. Recipients include NuScale Power's small modular reactor, which has become the first SMR to complete the first phase of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission design certification process.

First test using CABRI pressurised water loop

Uranium and Fuel

18 April 2018

CABRI - 48The first test simulating an accident situation in a pressurised water reactor has been successfully completed at the CABRI research reactor in Cadarache, southern France. The test was part of an international research programme aimed at improving knowledge of nuclear fuel behaviour during an accident involving a sudden increase of power.

NASA successfully tests Kilopower reactor

Other News

03 May 2018

Kilopower on the moon - 48The National Aeronautics and Space Administration yesterday announced the successful testing of a uranium-fuelled Stirling engine for use in possible future missions to Mars. Testing of the Kilopower reactor - which could be used to provide power to missions to the Moon, Mars and beyond - began at NASA's Nevada National Security Site in November 2017 and was completed in March.

France, USA to enhance cooperation on fast reactors

Nuclear Policies

27 April 2018

A statement of intent to strengthen cooperation on fast neutron sodium-cooled reactors has been signed between the US Department of Energy and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission. The partners have also a statement of intent to begin cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence.

India, USA to collaborate on neutrino science

Nuclear Policies

17 April 2018

Perry-Basu - April 2018 - 48India and the USA have signed an agreement enabling their scientists to collaborate on the development and construction of different types of neutrino detectors.