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DOE funding for advanced nuclear technology R&D

Nuclear Policies

19 June 2018

The US Department of Energy's (DOE's) Office of Nuclear Energy has awarded nearly USD64 million to 89 projects for nuclear energy research, facility access and crosscutting technology and infrastructure development. The funds will be provided to DOE national laboratories, industry and 39 US universities in 29 states.

Petten reactor starts supplying Xenon-133

Regulation and Safety

15 May 2018

Xenon-133 - 48The High Flux Reactor at Petten in the Netherlands is now producing the medical radioisotope Xenon-133. The move follows the successful collaboration between nuclear medicine company Curium and the Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group to develop and install a production process for the isotope.

Norway considers future of Halden research reactor


30 April 2018

Halden research reactor - 48Operation of the Halden research reactor in Norway beyond 2020 will require significantly increased funding, a preliminary report of a strategic review on the reactor's future operation has concluded. The Institute for Energy Technology, which operates the reactor, said it will make a decision in late June on Halden's future.

DR Congo research reactor requires improvement, says IAEA

Regulation and Safety

17 May 2018

Organisational and technical measures are needed to improve the safety of the Democratic Republic of Congo's research reactor, an International Atomic Energy Agency team of experts has concluded. TRICO-II, at the Kinshasa Nuclear Research Centre (CREN-K), has not been in operation since 2003.

BWXT announces new Mo-99 technology

Regulation and Safety

08 May 2018

BWXT_Tc-99m_generator_(BWXT)-48 BWX Technologies Inc has developed an innovative process developed to manufacture molybdenum-99 which it says is a breakthrough for medical radioisotope manufacturing technology. The company plans to introduce the technology by the end of 2019, subject to regulatory approvals.

Shine picks I&C protection system supplier

New Nuclear

25 April 2018

TRPS and ESFAS cabinet systems - 48Shine Medical Technologies has selected Rock Creek Innovations LLC to lead design and implementation of the instrumentation and control (I&C) protection systems for its medical isotope production facility in Janesville, Wisconsin. Construction of the main production facility at the site is due to start soon.