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Russia tests fuel assemblies for BN-800 fast reactor

Uranium and Fuel

20 August 2015

Russia's Mining and Chemical Combine said today that its mixed-oxide fuel fabrication facility has completed tests on putting together the first nuclear fuel assemblies for the BN-800 fast neutron reactor. The BN-800 is unit 4 at the Beloyarsk nuclear power plant in the Sverdlovsk district.

Russia readies Rostov 3 for commercial operation

New Nuclear

11 August 2015

Rostov 3 acceptance tests 48.JPGAcceptance tests have been started at unit 3 of Russia's Rostov nuclear power plant, state nuclear corporation Rosatom announced yesterday. Successful completion of the tests will mark the end of pilot operation of the reactor and its readiness to be put into commercial operation, the company said.

Russia-Egypt agreement to be signed within months, says Medvedev

New Nuclear

06 August 2015

Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian prime minister, expects an inter-governmental agreement on the key commercial terms of a project to build Egypt's first nuclear power plant will be ready to sign this autumn.

Russia makes progress with Arctica icebreaker

New Nuclear

14 August 2015

Forebody of Arctica hull 48The forebody of the hull of the pilot nuclear icebreaker Arctica - the so-called Project 22220, or LK-60 series of icebreakers - has been completed at the slipway of the Baltic Shipyard in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Russia-Mexico agreement enters into force

Nuclear Policies

11 August 2015

An intergovernmental agreement between Russia and Mexico on cooperation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy has entered into force, Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom announced today. The two countries signed the agreement in December 2013.

Russia's BN-800 unit brought to minimum controlled power

New Nuclear

04 August 2015

The fourth reactor at Russia's Beloyarsk nuclear power plant has for the second time been brought to the minimum controlled power level, moving it a step closer to starting commercial operation.