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Interest in South African program 'very positive', says Eskom

New Nuclear

01 February 2017

South African utility Eskom has announced that interest in the request for information (RFI) it issued last December for the country's nuclear new build program has been "very positive". Some 27 companies have stated that they intend to provide a response to the RFI, including China's SNPTC, France's EDF, Russia's Rusatom Overseas and South Korea's Kepco.

IAEA completes first South African regulatory review

Regulation and Safety

15 December 2016

South Africa's nuclear regulatory framework is robust, but improvements are needed in the country's regulation of the use of radiation sources, an International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) review mission has found.

Eskom procurement plan unchanged by lower capacity target

Nuclear Policies

23 November 2016

South African utility Eskom will stick with its plan to invite this year applications from companies interested in building new nuclear plants. This is despite the government's newly announced aim to increase the country's nuclear capacity by 1359 MWe by 2037 - less and over a longer timeframe than the previously announced target.

Eskom starts information-gathering process for new build

New Nuclear

21 December 2016

South African utility Eskom has released a request for information for the country's nuclear new build program. It stressed the exercise will not create any financial commitments or obligations to Eskom or the government.

Eskom confident of Thyspunt seismic safety

Regulation and Safety

28 November 2016

South African nuclear utility Eskom said it is confident its probabilistic seismic safety studies for Thyspunt adequately characterise the site's seismic hazards. It denied allegations by a research institute that it had not shared its findings on the seismic safety of the Eastern Cape site.

Eskom outlines importance of nuclear power

Nuclear Policies

24 October 2016

South Africa is well-equipped to have nuclear power plants and has a nuclear safety culture, with Koeberg having operated safely for over 32 years, utility Eskom said yesterday. The performance of the Koeberg plant has also consistently been one of the strongest within the Eskom fleet, it said, adding that it is also the cheapest energy provider in South Africa's fleet.