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Canadian, Korean organizations agree to cooperate


28 August 2014

A memorandum of understanding on reactor development has been signed between the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries and the Korean Atomic Industrial Forum.

Park proposes Northeast Asian nuclear safety group

Nuclear Policies

15 August 2014

Park Geun-hye 15 Aug 2014 48South Korean president Park Geun-hye has proposed establishing a Northeast Asia nuclear safety body with Japan and China. Other countries, she said, would be welcome to participate.

Go-ahead for new reactors at Shin Kori

New Nuclear

29 January 2014

Two new reactors have been approved to start construction in South Korea this year. Nuclear will continue its strong growth in the country, albeit under a less ambitious energy policy.

Cooperation deal to develop advanced reactor

New Nuclear

27 August 2014

PGSFR (KAERI) 44x48South Korean designers have secured help from Argonne National Laboratory to develop an advanced reactor, which is partly based on America's successful EBR-II prototype. A 150 MWe sodium-cooled demonstration unit is slated for 2028.

Milestone for Korean reactor construction

New Nuclear

19 May 2014

Shin_Hanul_1_vessel_(KHNP)_48The reactor vessel of Shin Hanul unit 1 has been put into place, marking a major step in the construction of the third Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power APR1400 reactor.

Korean reactors cleared for restart

Regulation and Safety

02 January 2014

Shin Kori 1 and 2 48Three South Korean nuclear power reactors forced to stop operations in May 2013 after finding safety-related control cabling had falsified documentation have been given approval to restart.