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Sky is the limit for US-Russia cooperation

Nuclear Policies

17 September 2013

Russia and the USA have agreed to cooperate on a range of nuclear-related research areas such as safeguards, security, fast reactors - and "defence from asteroids."

Nuclear rocket puts Mars within reach

Other News

31 May 2013

Man on Mars (NASA) 48Space travel to Mars and beyond may only be possible through the use of nuclear rocket technology, NASA suggests. Such spacecraft would be much faster than conventional craft, cutting the length of the mission and thereby reducing radiation exposure to astronauts.

Curiosity looks closely at radiation

Regulation and Safety

23 November 2012

Martian radiation (NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI)_48Nasa's Curiosity Mars rover has carried out the first ever measurements of radiation on another planet. Its findings suggest that astronauts would be able to live on the surface of Mars for long enough to carry out extended missions.

NASA plans its next Mars rover

Other News

12 July 2013

Launch 2020 rover (NASA) 67x48A nuclear power source is likely to sustain NASA's next exploration of Mars - a robot that will take a package of samples for return to Earth and address gaps in the knowledge required for manned exploration.

Nuclear and Stirling engines spur space exploration

Other News

27 November 2012

Krusty (LANL)_48A team of researchers from NASA and Los Alamos National Laboratory have demonstrated a new reactor concept that combines a Stirling engine with modern heat pipe cooling technology to provide a power source for future space missions.


Nuclear 'a stepping stone' to space exploration

New Nuclear

27 July 2012

A new era of space exploration is dawning through the application of nuclear energy for rovers on Mars and the Moon, power generation at future bases on the surfaces of both and soon for rockets that enable interplanetary travel.