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Nuclenor fined for early Garoña closure


18 July 2014

Garona (Nuclenor) 65x48The operator of Spain's Garoña nuclear power plant, Nuclenor, has been fined €18.4 million ($24.9 million) by the country's financial regulator for shutting down the plant six months earlier than originally authorized.

Retortillo moves closer to production

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

24 April 2014

A mining licence for the Retortillo deposit in western Spain has been granted to Berkeley Resources by the regional government of Castilla and León. Retortillo would be Spain's only operating uranium mine but further permits are required before operations can begin.

Fuel cycle roundup #15

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

18 October 2013

• Environmental permit for Retortillo
• Wiluna resource upgrade
• More Namibian resources for Forsys
• A-Cap boosts Botswana resources

Garoña stages a comeback


28 May 2014

Garona (Nuclenor) 65x48Eighteen months after being shut down to avoid new taxes, the owners of Spain's Garoña nuclear power plant have applied to government to bring the plant back into operation on a longer operating licence.

New lease of life for Garoña?

Nuclear Policies

21 February 2014

Garona - Foronuclear 48Spain's cabinet has approved a royal decree that allows recently shutdown nuclear power plants to apply for their operating permits to be renewed. The regulatory change could lead to the restart of the Garoña plant.

Westinghouse to dismantle Zorita vessel

Waste and Recycling

13 September 2013

Jose Cabrera (Enresa)_48Westinghouse has been contracted by Spanish nuclear waste management company Enresa to dismantle the reactor pressure vessel of the José Cabrera (Zorita) nuclear power plant which it sold to Spain over 50 years ago.