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USA needs 'robust' nuclear industry for security

Nuclear Policies

18 August 2017

A Washington, DC-based organisation led by former US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has called for greater federal-level recognition of the importance of the USA's nuclear energy supply chain to national security. In its first major report, Energy Future Initiatives recommends immediate government action to support and encourage existing and future new-build projects and strengthen the supply chain.

Call for government to revitalise US nuclear industry

Nuclear Policies

15 August 2017

The US government should hold "a structured conversation" with the country's nuclear industry on ways to restore and develop the sector, according to an essay from Mark Hibbs, senior fellow of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace's nuclear policy program.

Minister elaborates on India's plan for ten new PHWRs

New Nuclear

21 July 2017

Further details have been given about India's planned construction of ten indigenously designed pressurised heavy water reactors, which the cabinet approved in May. The reactors are to be built at four plant locations - including two new sites - by 2031.

EDF ordered to check component records

Regulation and Safety

17 August 2017

Areva - Creusot Forge - 48France's nuclear safety regulator has opened a public consultation on a draft decision governing the review of manufacturing files at Areva NP's Le Creusot forge. This draft decision requires EDF to examine the manufacturing records of all components produced by the facility that are in use at its operating nuclear power plants.

Indian supply chain benefits from nuclear boost

New Nuclear

27 July 2017

Orders for a wave of new reactors to be constructed in India will give a boost to the efficiency of the country's nuclear supply chain, Atomic Energy Minister Jitendra Singh said yesterday. Ten indigenously designed pressurised heavy water reactors were recently approved, while construction has already started on two VVERs with Russian cooperation.

UK launches 2017 nuclear workforce assessment

Nuclear Policies

04 July 2017

The UK's nuclear sector will require a workforce of over 100,000 in 2021 - up from 87,560 in 2017 - according to the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group's 2017 Nuclear Workforce Assessment which has been launched today.