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Swiss voters approve gradual nuclear phase out

Nuclear Policies

22 May 2017

Switzerland voted in a referendum yesterday to approve a revision to the country's energy policy that promotes the use of renewable energy sources and energy conservation. The revised Federal Energy Act also prohibits the construction of new nuclear power plants.

Provisional contributions to Swiss clean-up funds announced

Waste and Recycling

15 December 2016

Swiss nuclear power plant operators face lower or even no contributions to the country's decommissioning and waste disposal funds over the period 2017-2021, primarily due to the delay of some ten years in commissioning a deep geological repository.

Swiss regulator calls for steam generator checks

Regulation and Safety

14 December 2016

The Swiss nuclear safety regulator has requested a review of documentation to check the design and quality of the forgings of the steam generators at the Beznau and Gösgen nuclear power plants. The regulator said it was "reacting to information from France".

Swiss regulator looks at aging of waste containers

Waste and Recycling

15 March 2017

Waste containers at Zwilag - 48The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate has called for the systematic management of the aging of containers in the country's interim radioactive waste storage facilities. The requirement follows the completion of a study into container aging and fuel handling in such facilities.

Third Swiss region to be included in repository studies

Waste and Recycling

14 December 2016

The Nördlich Lägern region of Switzerland should be included in the third and final stage of the country's plan for selecting sites for two repositories, the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate has proposed. Switzerland's national radioactive waste disposal cooperative Nagra earlier suggested the area be excluded.

Swiss reject rapid nuclear phase out

Nuclear Policies

27 November 2016

Muhleberg - 48UPDATED The proposal to force older nuclear power plants to close in Switzerland has been rejected in a referendum. The five reactors that provide over one-third of electricity can continue to operate according to their economic lives.