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Swiss parliamentary chamber votes against limiting reactor operating lives

Nuclear Policies

29 September 2015

Switzerland's Council of States has agreed to avoid putting legal limits on the operating lives of the country's nuclear power reactors. It has also rejected a proposal that was supported by the Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI), of requiring operators to submit a long-term operating concept every 10 years once a reactor reaches 40 years of service.

Further inspections for Beznau reactor vessels

Regulation and Safety

17 July 2015

Beznau - 48The restart of unit 1 of Switzerland's Beznau nuclear power plant, currently offline for an annual overhaul, has been postponed while flaw indications detected in its reactor pressure vessel (RPV) are investigated further. A maintenance outage at unit 2 has been brought forward so that its RPV can also be checked.

Westinghouse to continue nozzle inspections at Swiss plant


14 May 2015

Leibstadt 48Westinghouse has been awarded a long-term contract for reactor pressure vessel nozzle inspections at the Leibstadt nuclear power plant in Switzerland. The company has already been performing such inspections at Leibstadt over the past ten years.

Nuclear regulators sign up for collaboration

Regulation and Safety

17 September 2015

CSNC-ENSI MOU - 48Several international cooperation agreements related to nuclear safety and regulation have been signed this week on the sidelines of the International Atomic Energy Agency's General Conference in Vienna.

Repository heat experiment comes to an end

Waste and Recycling

26 May 2015

FEBEX Dismantling 48A test container that has been stored in a tunnel at the Grimsel underground laboratory in Switzerland for 18 years is being removed as the experiment is dismantled. The full-scale experiment set out to determine the effects of heat from high-level waste on the surrounding rock and backfill material.

Switzerland revises nuclear liability law

Nuclear Policies

30 March 2015

Switzerland's government has adopted a total revision of the federal ordinance on civil nuclear liability. The ordinance governs the enforcement of the country's new civil nuclear liability law, which was passed by parliament in 2008 but has yet to come into force.