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US regulator highlights transformation goals

Regulation and Safety

21 March 2018

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission is transforming the way it carries out its business as it adapts to meet new challenges, the agency's annual conference heard last week. The country's nuclear industry is mirroring the regulator's efforts with its own initiative to press for regulatory change.

French-US firms create storage JV in Texas


14 March 2018

CISF_rendering_(WCS)_48Orano USA and Waste Control Specialists plan to form a joint venture to license a consolidated interim storage facility (CISF) for used nuclear fuel at the WCS site in Andrews County, Texas. The joint venture will request that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission resume its review of the CISF licence application WCS originally submitted two years ago.

White House report highlights nuclear achievements

Nuclear Policies

09 March 2018

Trump_Perry_290617_(Edelman-DOE)-48On the same day the US Senate passed a bill to accelerate the development of advanced nuclear reactors, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy highlighted nuclear energy developments as the greatest achievements of the Trump administration to date in the area of energy dominance.

NRC issues confirmatory order for Entergy violations

Regulation and Safety

15 March 2018

Grand_Gulf_(NRC)-48The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a confirmatory order to Entergy Nuclear Operations, Inc and Entergy Operations, Inc, documenting actions they have agreed to take to implement programmes designed to prevent wilful misconduct at their fleet of seven operating nuclear power plants.

US uranium producers expand opportunities

Uranium and Fuel

14 March 2018

Anfield Energy Inc has agreed to acquire the Charlie in-situ leach uranium project in Wyoming from Cotter Corp, as part of a strategy to create a mine and mill production complex in the state. Meanwhile, Energy Fuels Inc is pursuing opportunities to process new and additional alternate feed sources in order to allow the USA's only operating conventional uranium mill to extend its current operating campaign.

Hatch unit restarts with accident-tolerant fuel

Uranium and Fuel

07 March 2018

Hatch NPP - 48Unit 1 of the Edwin I Hatch nuclear power plant in the US state of Georgia has begun operating with test accident-tolerant fuel assemblies. The fuel, loaded during a recent outage, is the first of its kind to be installed in a commercial nuclear reactor.