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Landmark module installation at VC Summer

New Nuclear

24 July 2015

CA01_module_VC_Summer_2_(SCEG)_48Two significant construction milestones have been reached at VC Summer unit 2 with the installation of the CA01 'super module' and the installation of the first course of shield building panels, South Carolina Electric and Gas announced.

USA's first big commercial reactor segmentation with oxy-propane completed

Waste and Recycling

14 July 2015

Zion - 48EnergySolutions announced yesterday the successful completion of the first large commercial reactor vessel segmentation in the USA. ZionSolutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of EnergySolutions, completed the segmentation of the reactor vessel of unit 2 of Zion nuclear power plant in late June.

Major module installed at Summer 3

New Nuclear

08 July 2015

Summer 3 reactor vessel cavity installation 48The module that will house the reactor pressure vessel of the second AP1000 unit under construction at the VC Summer site in South Carolina has been installed. Meanwhile, the reactor vessel itself has been delivered to the site.

Calvert Cliffs 3 COL withdrawn

New Nuclear

21 July 2015

Unistar Nuclear Energy's withdrawal of its combined construction and operation licence (COL) application for Calvert Cliffs unit 3 has been formally accepted by the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Brattle Group study shows value of US nuclear industry


10 July 2015

A new study by economists at the Brattle Group has found that the nuclear industry contributes $60 billion per year to the USA's gross domestic product (GDP) in addition to limiting carbon emissions and other economic and societal benefits.

NuScale SMR licensing schedule outlined

New Nuclear

02 July 2015

The would-be builders and owners of the first NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) have confirmed they plan to submit a design certification application to US regulators by the end of 2016 and an application for a combined construction and operation licence (COL) in late 2017 or early 2018.