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NEI urges US to keep sight of nuclear

Energy and Environment

23 April 2015

As the US administration releases the first instalment of an ongoing program to draw up a roadmap for the country's future energy policy, the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is urging the Department of Energy to include the electricity generation portfolio - especially nuclear energy - in its long-term planning.

Procedural errors led to WIPP release, say investigators

Regulation and Safety

17 April 2015

The radiological event at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) in New Mexico in February 2014 resulted from shortcomings within both contractor and federal processes, the accident investigation board has concluded. The release, it said, was preventable.

Work starts on Iter central solenoid

New Nuclear

15 April 2015

Iter central solenoid construction 48Fabrication of the central solenoid of the Iter fusion project has been started by the USA's General Atomics. The solenoid - due for delivery in 2019 - will be one of the largest superconducting electromagnets ever built.

US nuclear plants celebrate performance


17 April 2015

Turkey_Point_(NRC-FPL)_48Latest reliability and safety indicators for US nuclear power plants continue a pattern of consistently high results dating back more than ten years, according to the US Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI). Meanwhile, an NEI study has shown that Florida's nuclear plants contribute over $1.4 billion per year to the state's economy.

EIA predicts up to 4% fall in nuclear share of US generation by 2040

Nuclear Policies

16 April 2015

The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that, between 2013 and 2040, nuclear power's share of total generation in the USA will fall from 19% to 15% in its High Oil and Gas Resource case and to 18% in its High Oil Price case, where higher natural gas prices lead to additional growth in nuclear capacity.

Regulatory approval for US nuclear spinoff


13 April 2015

Susquehanna_(NRC_PPL)_48The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved the proposed transfer of operating licences for the two Susquehanna nuclear reactors as parent company PPL Corporation prepares to spin off its competitive generation business.