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Westinghouse subsidiary receives notice of non-conformance

Regulation and Safety

21 June 2017

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued a notice of non-conformance to Westinghouse over concerns about quality assurance at its Mangiarotti subsidiary.

Westinghouse launches its EnCore Fuel

Uranium and Fuel

14 June 2017

Westinghouse Electric Company yesterday announced the formal launch of its "accident-tolerant fuel solution", EnCore Fuel, during the company's Fuel Users' Group Meeting. EnCore Fuel is intended to offer "design-basis-altering safety, greater uranium efficiency and estimated economic benefits up to hundreds of millions of dollars" to Westinghouse's nuclear fuel customers.

New York State benefits from nuclear investment


06 June 2017

Nine Mile Point (Exelon)_48Investment of $310 million in recently completed refuelling and maintenance outages at Exelon's nuclear power plants in upstate New York would not have been possible without the state's clean energy legislation, Exelon said yesterday. Meanwhile, 13 US states have joined a coalition committed to upholding the Paris climate change agreement.

NEA and EPRI to cooperate on nuclear research


14 June 2017

EPRI-NEA MOU June 2017 - 48The OECD-Nuclear Energy Agency and the US-based Electric Power Research Institute have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to exchange global nuclear research experience. The MOU outlines the scope and objectives of a five-year agreement to establish dialogue between them. Representatives of each organisation will now be invited to participate in each other's committee meetings and they may also organise joint events, seminars, workshops and training activities.

Vogtle agreement caps Toshiba obligation


12 June 2017

Vogtle_4_June_2017_(Georgia_Power)-48The most Toshiba may have to pay the owners of the Vogtle nuclear power plant construction project is $3.68 billion under an agreement signed on 9 June. Georgia Power has also finalised a new service agreement with Westinghouse allowing for the transition of project management. 

GAO identifies key steps for Yucca Mountain licensing

Waste and Recycling

31 May 2017

The US Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission will need to rebuild their organisational capabilities in order to restart the suspended licensing process for the Yucca Mountain high-level radioactive waste repository, according to the Government Accountability Office.