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Holtec delivers first 'dry' storage canisters to Chernobyl site

Waste and Recycling

27 November 2015

SSE ChNPP said yesterday that the first 10 canisters for the dry interim fuel storage facility (ISF-2) had been delivered to the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. ISF2 is in the final construction stage under a contract Ukraine signed with US-based Holtec International in 2007. To be completed this year, it will be used to store all the used fuel on the site for at least 100 years.

Areva deal helps fuel Energoatom's European progress


04 November 2015

Areva-Energoatom November 2015 - 48Energoatom, Ukraine's nuclear power plant operator, has highlighted its progress in working closely with European companies and institutions since opening an office in Brussels a year ago. The latest evidence of this is the signing announced today of an agreement with French engineering firm Areva.

Westinghouse among US delegation to Ukraine


27 October 2015

USA-Ukraine - October 2015 - 48Westinghouse Electric Company and Ukrainian officials have reiterated their support for a comprehensive program to implement efficiency and safety improvements to the country's nuclear fleet, which they said will provide significant energy supply and security for Ukraine. Westinghouse, which is majority-owned by Japan's Toshiba, was one of several US-based companies to join an official delegation to Kiev led by US Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker yesterday.

Energoatom plans use of Westinghouse fuel at Zaporozhe

Uranium and Fuel

11 November 2015

Energoatom and Westinghouse have signed a contract for the extension of Ukraine's use of TVS-WR fuel assemblies to the Zaporozhe nuclear power plant. The agreement concerns testing of Westinghouse software at the plant.

Ukraine's Turboatom to produce Holtec casks

Waste and Recycling

30 October 2015

The technology for the production of dry storage casks for used nuclear fuel will be transferred by Holtec International to Ukraine's Turboatom under a memorandum of understanding signed by the two companies and Ukraine's nuclear power plant operator EnergoAtom.

Chernobyl supports 'abundant' mammal life, says new study

Energy and Environment

06 October 2015

A scientific study has for the first time demonstrated that, regardless of potential radiation effects on individual animals, the Chernobyl exclusion zone supports an abundant mammal community after nearly three decades of chronic radiation exposures. The study, conducted by scientists from Belarus, Japan, the UK and the USA was published yesterday in the journal Current Biology.