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UK sets aside funds for 'ambitious' nuclear research and development program

Nuclear Policies

26 November 2015

The UK will invest at least £250 million ($377 million) over the next five years in an "ambitious" nuclear research and development program, according to the Conservative Party-led government's Spending Review and Autumn Statement published yesterday. British Chancellor George Osborne's 'Comprehensive Spending Review' says this program will "revive the UK's nuclear expertise and position the UK as a global leader in innovative nuclear technologies".

High Court trial starts over UK decommissioning claim


20 November 2015

Energy Solutions EU (ES EU) and the UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) met in court this week over the company's claim the government agency violated its own rules last year when it awarded a contract to manage the Magnox Ltd and Research Site Restoration Ltd nuclear sites.

Hunterston B 'cracks' appear as expected in unit 3

Regulation and Safety

19 November 2015

Hunterston_B_(EDF_Energy)_48EDF Energy has found cracks in three of the graphite bricks in unit 3 of its Hunterston B nuclear power plant in North Ayrshire, Scotland. Similar cracks were found in October last year in two of the graphite bricks of unit 4. In both cases, the company said the cracks have no safety implications.

Contracts for new Dounreay waste store

Waste and Recycling

24 November 2015

Dounreay - new HLW store - 48The planned construction of a new high-level waste storage facility at the UK's Dounreay site is progressing with the award of three contracts. The £22 million ($33 million) facility will be an extension to the existing Dounreay Cementation Plant.

Cold testing complete at UK vitrification plant

Waste and Recycling

20 November 2015

GeoMelt_demo_plant_(NNL)_48A demonstration plant to vitrify radioactive waste has completed initial commissioning prior to its deployment at the UK's Sellafield site. The full-scale GeoMelt In-Container Vitrification (ICV) plant is a collaboration between the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) and US radioactive waste management specialist Kurion.

India and UK sign civil nuclear agreement, discuss climate change

Nuclear Policies

13 November 2015

India and Britain yesterday signed a civil nuclear agreement, reaffirming the importance of addressing climate change and promoting "secure, affordable and sustainable supplies of energy". The agreement was signed on the first day of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's three-day official visit to Britain.