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Canada, UK extend nuclear energy cooperation

Nuclear Policies

29 June 2015

Canada-UK - June 2015 - 48Canada and the UK have today signed a memorandum of understanding on enhancing cooperation in the field of civil nuclear energy.

Second contract for Sellafield waste storage boxes

Waste and Recycling

29 May 2015

Sellafield Limited has awarded a contract worth up to £50 million ($78 million) to Darchem Engineering Limited for stainless steel storage boxes to store historic radioactive waste retrieved from a silo at the UK's Sellafield site. It follows the award of a similar contract earlier this month to Metalcraft.

Magnox streamlines UK operations


22 May 2015

An organizational restructuring of UK company Magnox Ltd as it streamlines its operating model will lead to a reduction of up to 1600 staff across its UK sites over the period to September 2016.

UK regulators raise issue with ABWR design

New Nuclear

22 June 2015

Concerns about reactor chemistry issues related to Hitachi-GE's Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) have been raised by UK regulators in their assessment of the design. The company, however, is confident these concerns can be resolved.

Dounreay completes first phase of breeder shipments

Waste and Recycling

29 May 2015

DFR breeder shipment 48Some 11 tonnes of "breeder" material that had been in storage at the Dounreay site in Scotland has now been transported to the Sellafield site in northern England. A further 33 tonnes of breeder material remains within the Dounreay Fast Reactor and will be transported to Sellafield later.

Waste emplacement begins at Dounreay disposal vaults

Waste and Recycling

19 May 2015

Dounreay LLW vault internal 48The first two vaults of the new low-level waste disposal facility at the UK's Dounreay site has begun accepting waste. Up to four additional vaults could be constructed at the facility.