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Mini subs retrieve Sellafield isotope gear

Waste and Recycling

23 April 2015

Cobalt cartridge recovery at Sellafield - 48Miniature submarines are being used to recover cobalt cartridges dating back to the 1950s from storage ponds at the UK's Sellafield site. The cartridges were used for producing isotopes for medical and industrial applications.

Magnox expands with merger of RSRL


01 April 2015

The UK's Magnox Limited and Research Sites Restoration Limited (RSRL) have today merged to form a single organization operating as Magnox Limited. The combined business will be responsible for 12 nuclear sites.

Nuclear's share of UK's power production dips to 19%

Nuclear Policies

26 March 2015

Nuclear's share of UK electricity generation decreased last year by 0.6 percentage points on 2013 to 19.0% - or 63.8 TWh - owing to outages in the second half of the year, new data released today by the Department of Energy and Climate Change showed.

Job cuts as final decision on Hinkley Point C remains


09 April 2015

Hinkley Point C groundwork 48EDF Energy says it has almost completed early site preparation works for the planned Hinkley Point C project. However, pending a final investment decision, some 400 jobs at the site are at risk.

NDA lays out plans for years ahead


27 March 2015

The UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has published its latest business plan, setting out its anticipated income and expenditure during the next financial year. It also includes a high-level 20-year overview of objectives it is working towards, and takes a more detailed look at key activities over the next three years.

Bespoke equipment trial completed at Dounreay

Waste and Recycling

25 March 2015

DFR-Breeder-Top-Plate - 48A trial of bespoke equipment to lift off the top plate of the Dounreay Fast Reactor in Scotland in order to remove trapped fuel elements has been completed successfully, the Nuclear Decommissioing Authority said on 19 March. The authority said decommissioning the 50-year-old experimental reactor is one of the most technically challenging projects in its estate.