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Celebrations at US centrifuge plant

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

10 April 2014

Urenco_USA_April_2014_(Urenco)_48The second phase of the Urenco USA uranium enrichment plant is now fully operational, with the plant working at a capacity of 3.7 million separative work units (SWU).

USEC plans for bankruptcy


17 December 2013

RD&D centrifuge installation (USEC)_48UPDATED US uranium enrichment company USEC is to file for voluntary bankruptcy during the first quarter of 2014 as part of a financial restructuring plan. The filing is not expected to affect ongoing operations or the American Centrifuge research, development and demonstration program.

First steps agreed on Iranian enrichment

Nuclear Policies

25 November 2013

Rouhani press conf (Iranian Presidency)_48Iran is to limit its uranium enrichment activities in return for some easing of economic sanctions. The new agreement with the P5+1 countries is seen as a significant step towards a long-term comprehensive solution.

Implementation of interim Iranian agreement

Nuclear Policies

13 January 2014

Iran will begin suspending parts of its uranium enrichment program and downblending its stockpile of uranium enriched up to 20% over the next six months in return for modest relief from international sanctions.

Laser enrichment chosen for Paducah

Exploration and Nuclear Fuel

28 November 2013

Depleted uranium hexafluoride cylinders (DoE)_48Global Laser Enrichment will enter talks with the US Department of Energy after its proposal to build and operate a laser enrichment facility at shut down Paducah plant was selected. Off-specification inventory will be processed by Areva.

Paducah buildings suffer storm damage

Regulation and Safety

19 November 2013

Paducah cooling tower damage 48Buildings at USEC's Paducah gaseous diffusion uranium enrichment plant in Kentucky were damaged by a powerful storm. The plant ceased enrichment operations earlier this year.