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European industry rates decommissioning opportunities

Waste and Recycling

25 May 2017

Germany is offering a great opportunity for new suppliers of decommissioning services because over the next five years all of its shutdown nuclear power plants will enter the decommissioning phase, Jörg Klasen, director of nuclear services at EnBW, said yesterday. Klasen spoke at the 8th Annual Nuclear Decommissioning & Waste Management Conference Europe 2017 being held in Manchester, England.

Russia begins fuel unloading of Northern Fleet

Waste and Recycling

18 May 2017

Andreeva Bay fuel unloading - 48Russia has started unloading used fuel from nuclear submarines in Andreeva Bay, the former base of the Northern Fleet, a unit of the Russian Navy responsible for the defence of the north-western part of the country. The work is organised by RosRAO - a Moscow-based Rosatom subsidiary that provides commercial back-end radioactive waste and decommissioning services.

Russia set to launch TUK-1410 used fuel cask

Waste and Recycling

12 May 2017

TUK-1410 cask - 48Russia's Federal Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety plans to start using TUK-1410 casks for the transport of used nuclear fuel from September. The cask will replace the 13th series of transport containers and is licensed to move used fuel assemblies from VVER-1000 reactors.

Cover installed over collapsed Hanford tunnel

Regulation and Safety

23 May 2017

Hanford_tunnel_cover_(DOE_Hanford)-48A protective plastic cover has been installed at the US Department of Energy's Hanford site over the roof of a tunnel that partially collapsed earlier this month. The cover will provide additional protection while longer-term risk mitigation measures are developed and implemented at the site in Washington State.

Ukraine confident of world-class fuel storage facility

Waste and Recycling

17 May 2017

Energoatom President Yury Nedashkovsky has confirmed progress in Holtec International's preparations to build a Central Spent Fuel Storage Facility at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Between 1 and 10 May, Nedashkovsky led a delegation from the Ukrainian nuclear power plant operator to Holtec's plants in Pittsburgh, (Pennsylvania), Orrville (Ohio) and Camden (New Jersey).

Tunnel cave-in leads to Hanford site emergency

Regulation and Safety

10 May 2017

Hanford tunnel collapse - May 2017 - 48The collapse of a section of tunnel in which contaminated materials are stored led to an emergency being declared yesterday at the US Department of Energy's Hanford Site in Washington State. No contamination has been detected following the cave-in.