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Defuelling completed at Oldbury

Waste and Recycling

05 October 2015

Oldbury - 48The final used fuel element has been removed from unit 2 of the Oldbury nuclear power plant in the UK, the last of more than 52,000 from the two Magnox reactors there.

Holtec plans cooperation with Ukraine's Turboatom

Waste and Recycling

09 September 2015

Holtec International is in talks with Turboatom on the manufacture of equipment for a central used fuel storage facility the US company is contracted to build in Ukraine.

Commissioning of Ignalina solid waste facilities under way

Waste and Recycling

26 August 2015

Ignalina solid waste facility - 48Cold testing - one of the first stages of the commissioning process - has started at the new Solid Waste Management and Storage Facilities at the shut down Ignalina nuclear power plant in Lithuania.

Chinese reprocessing plant to start up in 2030

Waste and Recycling

24 September 2015

The construction of a used fuel processing and recycling facility in China is expected to begin in 2020 and be completed by 2030. The facility will be based on French technology.

Korean repository officially opens

Waste and Recycling

01 September 2015

Gyeongju repository opening ceremony - 48A ceremony was held on 28 August to mark the official opening of South Korea's underground low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste disposal facility at Gyeongju in North Gyeongsang province.

Test runs to start at UK dry fuel store

Waste and Recycling

20 August 2015

The UK regulator has given approval for the inactive commissioning process to begin at a dry nuclear fuel store at Sizewell B, the country's first such nuclear fuel storage facility. Construction of the store began in early 2013.