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Russian institute improves steel for nuclear reactors

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26 July 2017

AA Bochvar Research Institute of Inorganic Materials (VNIINM) has announced its development of a type of steel to "significantly improve" the neutron-physical properties of a nuclear power reactor's active zones by reducing neutron loss due to parasitic absorption. VNIINM says the new material will also reduce the costs of radioactive waste handling and disposal.

IAEA praises Italy's decommissioning efforts

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14 July 2017

Italy is committed to the safe and effective decommissioning of nuclear sites and management of associated radioactive waste, an International Atomic Energy Agency mission has concluded. However, it noted areas for potential improvement.

Energoatom gets approval to build used fuel facility

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10 July 2017

Energoatom has received regulatory approval to start construction of a central used fuel storage facility at the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine issued a licence on 6 June.

UK sees steady income from decommissioning work


20 July 2017

The UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority received more than GBP1.0 billion ($1.3 billion) of commercial income in the 2016/2017 financial year, which it says reduced the "net impact on the public purse" to GBP2.2 billion. According to its annual report and accounts, published yesterday, the exact figure was GBP1.025 billion, which was down from GBP1.094 billion in 2015/2016. Around 85% of its income, GBP612 million, came from the reprocessing and management of used fuel and waste.

Kewaunee dry fuel storage campaign sets records

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11 July 2017

Magnastor_ISFSI_Kewaunee_(NAC)-48NAC International's completion of a dry fuel storage campaign at the Kewaunee nuclear power plant four years after the unit shut down has set a new benchmark for the transfer of used fuel to dry storage.

IRSN raises issues with design of Cigéo repository

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07 July 2017

Cigeo vision (Andra) 69x48The project to construct an underground radioactive waste repository in France has achieved "satisfactory technical maturity", the country's Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety has said. However, it identified a number of issues that could potentially impact the design concept and timeline for the project.