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US energy secretary visits Yucca Mountain

Waste and Recycling

28 March 2017

Perry_Yucca_Mt_2017_(@SecretaryPerry)-48US Energy Secretary Rick Perry yesterday visited the site of the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and discussed the status of the project with Nevada governor Brian Sandoval. Perry said the meeting was the first step in the process of talking to stakeholders following a presidential budget request to restart licensing proceedings for the repository. Sandoval, who opposes the project, said the meeting was not the start of negotiations.

First cask emplaced at Sizewell B fuel store

Waste and Recycling

23 March 2017

HI-STORM MIC cask in place at Sizewell B - 48The first cask containing used nuclear fuel from the Sizewell B pressurised water reactor has been placed within the unit's new dry fuel store. The milestone marks the first use of dry used fuel storage technology in the UK.

Swiss regulator looks at aging of waste containers

Waste and Recycling

15 March 2017

Waste containers at Zwilag - 48The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate has called for the systematic management of the aging of containers in the country's interim radioactive waste storage facilities. The requirement follows the completion of a study into container aging and fuel handling in such facilities.

IAEA helps Tajikistan remediation preparations

Uranium and Fuel

27 March 2017

Degmay_tailings_Tajikistan_(Roberts-IAEA)_48An International Atomic Energy Agency expert team is preparing independent cost estimates to help Tajikistan plan the remediation of uranium legacy sites in the north of the country.

Bechtel, GEH team up on European decommissioning

Waste and Recycling

22 March 2017

USA-based firms Bechtel and GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) have today announced the formation of an alliance to offer decommissioning and dismantling services for nuclear power plants in Germany and Sweden.

US consortium calls for action on waste

Waste and Recycling

13 March 2017

Yucca_Mt_entraince_2007_(NRC)-48A US business consortium has called for "decisive, swift and tangible" action on used nuclear fuel and high-level waste storage, including the re-establishment of the Office for Civilian Radioactive Waste Management and re-engagement with the Yucca Mountain review process. The US Nuclear Infrastructure Council says the current "impasse" is costing US taxpayers billions of dollars.