India extends training opportunities through IAEA

24 March 2017

GCNEC building - 404 (GCNEC)

Nuclear professionals from across Asia will be able to use new training facilities at a soon-to-be-opened Indian research centre under extended cooperation between India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Sekhar Basu, chairman of India's Atomic Energy Commission, and Yukiya Amano, director general of the IAEA, have agreed on the extended cooperation that will enable IAEA-nominated experts in advanced nuclear energy, nuclear security, radiological safety, nuclear material characterisation and applications of radioisotopes and radiation technologies to use the new training facilities of India’s Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership.

US energy secretary visits Yucca Mountain

28 March 2017

Perry_Yucca_Mt_2017_(@SecretaryPerry)-48US Energy Secretary Rick Perry yesterday visited the site of the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository and discussed the status of the project with Nevada governor Brian Sandoval. Perry said the meeting was the first step in the process of talking to stakeholders following a presidential budget request to restart licensing proceedings for the repository. Sandoval, who opposes the project, said the meeting was not the start of negotiations.

High court lifts Takahama injunction

28 March 2017

Takahama 48The Osaka High Court in Japan has lifted an injunction that has kept units 3 and 4 of Kansai Electric Power Company's Takahama nuclear power plant offline for the past year. The court agreed with the utility that the units, which are in Fukui prefecture, are safe to operate.

IAEA helps Tajikistan remediation preparations

27 March 2017

Degmay_tailings_Tajikistan_(Roberts-IAEA)_48An International Atomic Energy Agency expert team is preparing independent cost estimates to help Tajikistan plan the remediation of uranium legacy sites in the north of the country.

Hinkley Point C gets go-ahead for construction

28 March 2017

The UK's Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) has granted its first consent for the start of construction of a nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C. The consent covers the placement of the structural concrete for the first nuclear safety-related structure at the site. It does not give consent for all elements of construction.

Russia starts to build MBIR vessel

27 March 2017

MBIR_upper_vessel_(AEM-Technology)-48AEM-Technology has started the manufacture of the reactor pressure vessel for MBIR – the multipurpose sodium-cooled fast neutron research reactor that is under construction at the site of the Research Institute of Atomic Reactors at Dmitrovgrad, which is in Russia's Ulyanovsk region. Based in Volgodonsk, AEM-Technology is part of Atomenergomash, itself a subsidiary of Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

UK limits Cavendish Fluor contract to 2019

27 March 2017

The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority has decided to terminate its contract with Cavendish Fluor Partnership for the management and decommissioning of 12 redundant Magnox sites, including two research sites. In a written ministerial statement to the House of Commons today, Energy Secretary Greg Clark said there is a big difference between the contract with CFP and the work that is required. Clark also announced that the NDA had settled outstanding litigation claims against it by Energy Solutions and Bechtel.

Changes to UK nuclear liability regime

With the return of nuclear new build in the UK, the potential to be liable for nuclear damage will be of vital importance to all parties in the nuclear supply chain as well as investors and funders of new nuclear projects, writes Darren Walsh.

The Nuclear Installations (Liability For Damage) Order 2016 (2016 Order) was made on 4 May 2016 and is expected to become law early this year. In two protocols dated 12 February 2004, the contracting parties to the Paris Convention and Brussels Convention agreed a number of significant changes to the regime on nuclear third party liability. The 2016 Order implements the protocols from 2004 in the UK. In the event of a nuclear incident an increased amount of compensation will be available, in respect of a broader range of damage, to a wider category of claimants.

As a number of the new nuclear reactors in the UK will be built adjacent to existing nuclear licensed sites, the 2016 Order seeks to clarify the interaction of potential liability between new build nuclear sites and legacy nuclear sites.


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