Converdyn down but not out in barter battle

31 July 2014

Converdyn says it will press on with a legal challenge against the Department of Energy (DoE) after a federal judge this week denied a temporary injunction to stop the department's uranium barter program. Converdyn is the USA's sole uranium conversion company.

Denver, Colorado-based Converdyn - a general partnership between affiliates of Honeywell and General Atomics - filed for the injunction against DoE in June, claiming it is losing $10 million a year in potential revenue.

"Converdyn put forth strong arguments and evidence that the DoE's actions have caused harm to the US conversion industry, contrary to federal law," Honeywell spokeswoman Nina Krauss told World Nuclear News on 31 July.

Core catcher on its way to Belarus 2

31 July 2014

Ostrovets 1 core catcher 48The Volgodonsk branch of AEM-Technology has started preparing the core melt trap, or core catcher, for shipment to the site of the Belarus nuclear power plant, near Ostrovets.

Spanish regulator sets conditions for Garoña restart

31 July 2014

Garona 48The operator of Spain's Garoña nuclear power plant, Nuclenor, has until the end of September to provide a schedule to meet a series of requirements set by the country's nuclear regulator for its restart.

US nuclear firms urge Ex-Im Bank renewal

30 July 2014

US nuclear power companies argue they will lose business to rivals from other countries, including Russia and China, if Congress decides against reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank.

Heap leach trials for Olympic Dam

31 July 2014

Olympic_Dam_uranium_(BHP_Billiton)_48 BHP Billiton has applied for government approval to build a demonstration-scale heap leaching plant at its Olympic Dam mine, as the company looks for more economical ways of expanding the South Australian project.

Licence amendment for Darlington

30 July 2014

Darlington aerial 48The Canadian nuclear regulator has approved a one-year extension to the operating licence of the Darlington nuclear power plant. This will allow extra time for preparation of information by Ontario Power Generation in support of its application for a licence extension to 2028.

Resources announced for Wyoming project

29 July 2014

Ur-Energy says Shirley Basin has the potential to be its next Wyoming production centre after announcing mineral resources of 8.816 million pounds U3O8 (3391 tU) at the project.


Work by the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory to recover americium-241 from the UK's ageing civil plutonium stockpile under a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) raises some interesting issues, writes Ian Hore-Lacy.

ESA said that it wanted the stuff for radioisotope thermoelectric generators (RTGs) – the standard western power source in satellites and other space vehicles such as the Mars rover Curiosity now rambling around that planet. This was interesting, since virtually all RTGs so far are powered by plutonium-238, which has a high heat yield and low gamma radioactivity. Read more...

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