Croatian firm confirms interest in Finnish project

02 July 2015

Croatian company Migrit Energija has confirmed that it plans to take a stake in the Hanhikivi nuclear power plant project in Finland. However, the Finnish economy ministry has requested more details about the company as it considers the shareholding.

Fennovoima submitted its construction licence application to Finland's Ministry of Employment and the Economy on 30 June for the planned Hanhikivi project. At the same time, the company presented a new ownership statement to the ministry indicating that Migrit Energija subsidiary Migrit Solarna Energija had agreed to take a 9% stake in Voimaosakeyhtiö SF, Fennovoima's principal shareholder.

In a statement yesterday, Migrit Energija said it is "in the process of receiving approval from the Finnish authorities to participate in the construction of the Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant in Finland".

New legal challenge for Hinkley Point C

03 July 2015

A group of ten German and Austrian renewable energy suppliers and municipalities plans to file a lawsuit against European Commission approval of state aid for the planned Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the UK.

Hydraulic engineering facility contract signed for Akkuyu plant

03 July 2015

Akhundov and Cengiz signing ceremony 48A contract has been signed for the design and construction of offshore hydraulic engineering structures designed to process seawater for cooling Turkey's planned Akkuyu nuclear power plant.

Russia's Tenex targets 40% market share by 2030

02 July 2015

Russia expects to increase its share of the global market in products for the front-end of the nuclear fuel cycle by 10% in the next 15 years, thanks to the integrated nature of Rosatom's subsidiaries, according to the head of Techsnabexport (Tenex).

German government partners agree on energy policy

03 July 2015

Germany's coalition government parties have agreed on measures to enable the country to meet its 2020 carbon emission targets while transitioning to renewable energy sources. As part of the deal, some coal-fuelled power plants will be shut down with others kept in reserve in case of energy shortages.

NuScale SMR licensing schedule outlined

02 July 2015

The would-be builders and owners of the first NuScale small modular reactor (SMR) have confirmed they plan to submit a design certification application to US regulators by the end of 2016 and an application for a combined construction and operation licence (COL) in late 2017 or early 2018.

US Congress allows Ex-Im Bank charter to expire

01 July 2015

Ex-Im Bank had to stop doing new business today, after members of the US Congress failed to reauthorize the 81-year-old federal government agency before its charter expired at midnight.

Nuclear fuel tax reverts to German courts

The tax levied on nuclear fuel in Germany does not contravene European law. This was the conclusion of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on 4 June. But what about German law and the consequences for nuclear power plant operators across Europe, asks Tobias Leidinger.

The Hamburg Finance Court had doubted whether the country's Nuclear Fuel Tax Act was compatible with European law and submitted questions to the ECJ. The Hamburg case will now resume, as will a constitutional question on the status of the tax as an 'excise duty' and the definition of that under German law as opposed to European law. Meanwhile, the European ruling leaves open that other countries could potentially impose nuclear fuel taxes.


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