Vogtle operation dates rescheduled

24  February 2017


Commercial operation dates for Vogtle units 3 and 4 have been put back to December 2019 and September 2020 respectively, Southern Company said on 22 February. These dates are six and three months later than previously expected.

Announcing the company's fourth quarter results, CEO Thomas Fanning said contractor Westinghouse had provided Southern with an updated schedule reflecting the new commercial operation dates. He said the company was currently reviewing the schedule to confirm that the projected dates aligned with Southern's expectations. He said the changes to the schedule could be accommodated under the Georgia Public Service Commission's December 2016 approval of project costs.

Unit 3 had previously been expected to start commercial operation in mid-2019 and unit 4 in mid-2020. Experience gained at unit 3 is being applied at unit 4, resulting in improved productivity at the second unit, the company said. Commissioning of unit 4 has therefore been postponed by less time than for unit 3.

UK's NuGen congratulates new Cumbrian MP

24 February 2017

NuGeneration has congratulated Copeland by-election winner Trudy Harrison following last night's result in Whitehaven, as the company moves forward with plans to build a new nuclear power plant at Moorside. NuGen, which is the UK joint venture between Japan's Toshiba Corp and France's Engie, said it would work closely with the newly-elected British member of parliament as it "continues to build a robust business case" for the project.

France needs nuclear for energy transition, says SFEN

23 February 2017

The French Nuclear Society says the country needs to maintain its nuclear power generation capacity to raise the share of electricity from renewable sources without increasing the cost of electricity production. In a white paper it suggests ways in which this can be achieved.

Vietnamese students complete Russian training

23 February 2017

First group of Vietnamese graduates - 48A group of 28 Vietnamese students have become the first international graduates of a course on nuclear technology at Russia's National Research Nuclear University MEPhI. The six-year course is part of a program supported by Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

FirstEnergy supports zero-emission credits for Ohio

24 February 2017

Davis-Besse_(Fenoc-NRC)-48FirstEnergy Corporation is advocating for Ohio to pass legislation recognising the zero-emission benefits of nuclear power, while acknowledging that it does not expect to remain the long-term owner of the state's only operating nuclear power plants. The company has confirmed it will withdraw from the competitive electricity market.

WANO completes joint centre review of Rovno plant

23 February 2017

Rovno plant - 48The World Association of Nuclear Operators has submitted a report on its first ever cross-centre review, which took place at the Rovno nuclear power plant in Ukraine. Gaetan Le Corvec, head of operations at WANO's Paris Centre, said the review had revealed "no critical shortcomings" at the plant.

Bruce Power awards more Candu extension contracts

22 February 2017

Bruce Power has awarded L3 MAPPS a contract to replace the digital control computer system of unit 6 of the Bruce B nuclear power plant in Ontario. Bruce Power has also awarded SNC-Lavalin contracts worth almost $28 million for its major component replacement program.

Brexit white paper confuses Euratom debate

The 2008 EU Amendment Act is not a justifiable legal basis for the UK government's belief that Brexit must also mean an exit from Euratom, write Jonathan Leech and Rupert Cowen.

The government's white paper on the UK's "exit from and new partnership with" the European Union published last week confirms its position that "When we invoke Article 50, we will be leaving Euratom as well as the EU". In support of this, the document asserts that the European Union (Amendment) Act 2008 "makes clear that, in UK law, references to the EU include Euratom". This is presumably an assertion that references to the EU in the Referendum Act, the referendum question and the withdrawal bill automatically include Euratom - something both the Leave and Remain campaigns omitted to mention.


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