IAEA brings PWR training to Middle East

05 March 2018

The International Atomic Energy Agency has launched the first regional training course in the Middle East on pressurised water reactors (PWRs). In cooperation with the University of Sharjah, in the United Arab Emirates, the course took place between 19 and 23 February and brought together more than 20 participants from eight IAEA Member States at the university's College of Engineering.

Simulator training course - 460 (IAEA)
A course participant using the PC-based nuclear reactor simulator software (Image: IAEA)

The Vienna-based agency said today that the development and management of national nuclear power programmes requires systematic and continuous training for qualified nuclear professionals. This drives a need for developing and updating existing nuclear education and training programmes, it added.

In support of human resource development in Member States, the IAEA uses PC-based simulators to actively train nuclear professionals. These can simulate actual operational conditions of nuclear power plants and include 'what to do' during power fluctuations, starting and stopping cooler pumps, bringing the turbine generator into and out of service, and moving control rods.

Wallid Metwally, vice dean and associate professor at the College of Engineering, said: "Given the IAEA's wealth of experience and various tools, our engagement with the Agency is critical for the success of such courses. The training course successfully educated the participants, ensuring that they will become future trainers themselves."

These training sessions also teach participants what technical measures are necessary to implement in ensuring reactor safety during accidents. First-hand response simulations ensure that students fully understand and can effectively apply theoretical content, according to the IAEA statement.

Tatjana Jeremovic, technical officer from the IAEA's Nuclear Power Technology Development Section, said: "These courses are highly suitable for operators, maintenance technicians, suppliers, regulators, students, and engineers. In addition to five other regional training courses conducted last year, this course in Sharjah brings our total number of trained participants to 125, from over 20 Member States."

Launching this first regional training course in Sharjah, is expected to aid research and development institutions, universities, operators, and regulatory bodies in newcomer countries, including those that are considering adding nuclear power to their energy mix, the IAEA said.

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