COLs closer at Turkey Point

21 November 2016

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has not found any safety grounds that would preclude issuing construction and operation licences for the two proposed AP1000 reactors at Turkey Point in Florida.

Turkey Point is currently home to two operating pressurised water reactors (Image: NRC)

A mandatory hearing on the final safety evaluation report for and the final environmental impact statement on the Turkey Point application is expected to take place early next year. A vote on whether to issue the combined construction and operating licences (COLs) for the 1100 MWe reactors will follow the hearing. The Turkey Point site, about 50km south of Miami, currently has two operating which would be located adjacent to two 800MWe operating reactors on the site.

Florida Power & Light submitted its COL application for the two AP1000 reactors in June 2009.

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by World Nuclear News