KHNP touts i-SMR to international audience

04 December 2023

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP) has used the 28th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, UAE, to launch its new Innovative SMR (i-SMR) technology and its i-SMR powered Smart Net-Zero City model. The company has agreed to cooperate with Indonesian and Jordanian partners to investigate the deployment of i-SMR units.

KHNP's CEO Hwang Joo-ho presenting the i-SMR powered Smart Net-Zero City model (Image: KHNP)

KHNP said the i-SMR - an integrated pressurised water reactor type nuclear power plant with an electrical output of 170 MWe - is being developed according to a development roadmap, with the goal of completing the standard design by the end of 2025 and obtaining standard design approval in 2028.

"i-SMR, which will be developed with our technology as a sustainable clean energy solution, has excellent safety, economic feasibility, and flexibility," KHNP CEO Hwang Joo-ho said. "SMR Smart Net-Zero City, where i-SMR will be an energy source, is a sustainable city that is expected to significantly reduce consumption costs by up to 30%."

He added: "For countries with aging coal power plants, i-SMR can be a solution to promote the transition to safe and economically beneficial clean energy."

KHNP has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Nusantara Power - a power generation subsidiary of Indonesian Electric Power Corporation (PLN NP) - on mutual cooperation for the introduction and construction of the i-SMR in Indonesia.

(Image: KHNP)

Through this MoU, the two companies will cooperate in various fields, including: joint basic research on the economic feasibility and technology for deployment of the i-SMR in Indonesia; development of local specialised technology through R&D cooperation; and collaboration through human/technology exchanges in the nuclear field through the formation of a working group.

"This MoU is an important bridgehead for KHNP to enter the new SMR market in Southeast Asia," Hwang said. "Based on the know-how KHNP has accumulated in the process of operating and constructing nuclear power plants at home and abroad, we will cooperate with PLN NP in decarbonising Indonesia. I look forward to moving towards a strategic partnership in the nuclear energy sector."

KHNP has also signed an MoU on mutual cooperation with the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) for the deployment of the i-SMR in Jordan.

(Image: KHNP)

The two organisations agreed to cooperate in comprehensive technology and information exchange on the i-SMR and to jointly conduct a feasibility study.

Jordan is currently considering the introduction of SMRs after 2030 in preparation of expected increased electricity demand. It is preparing for a bidding process, with the goal of selecting a preferred SMR vendor after 2024.

"Through this joint cooperation with KHNP, we look forward to evaluating the feasibility of deploying i-SMRs for electricity production and desalination in Jordan," said JAEC Chairman Khaled Toukan.

KHNP said it expects this MoU will not only build a close cooperative relationship with JAEC, but "will also serve as an opportunity to take a step forward in entering the overseas SMR business".

Researched and written by World Nuclear News