Kursk II completes steam generator hydraulic tests

04 September 2020

Atommash has completed hydraulic tests on the first steam generator for the Kursk II nuclear power plant under construction in Western Russia, which will be the first to use the VVER-TOI (typical optimised, with enhanced information) reactor design. Atommash is part of Atomenergomash, the engineering division of state nuclear corporation Rosatom.

One of four steam generators for Kursk II (Image: Rosatom)

The equipment belongs to a new type of steam generators designed to operate as part of a reactor plant with VVER TOI reactors. The tests were carried out in a specially prepared area in accordance with the technology, which provides for the creation of pressure in the tube and annular space above the working pressure by 25%. At the same time, the water temperature inside the steam generator reached 100 degrees Celsius.

"Successful hydraulic tests reflect the high quality of the manufactured product," Atommash said. "During the manufacturing process, the equipment undergoes several types of tests and controls. In addition to hydraulic ones, the steam generator also undergoes vacuum tests using helium, as well as ultrasonic, magnetic powder, eddy-current testing and X-ray gamma-ray imaging. By the end of the steam generator manufacturing cycle, quality specialists will carry out 415 control operations."

The steam generator has a diameter of more than 4 metres and a length of about 15 metres, and weighs 340 tonnes.

First concrete for Kursk II unit 1 was poured in April 2018, and that for unit 2 in April last year.

The 1255 MWe VVER-TOI is a Generation III+ power unit developed using technical results from the VVER-1200 project. The design offers improved safety measures, including an increased margin of safety from extreme impacts and ability to withstand earthquakes, and is equipped with modern control systems and diagnostics.

Researched and written by World Nuclear News